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"God Is a Woman" (stylized in sentence case) is a song by American singer Ariana Grande. It was released on July 13, 2018, as the second single from Grande's upcoming fourth studio album Sweetener (2018). The song was written by Grande, Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Rickard Göransson and its producer Ilya.

Background and release
"God Is a Woman" was first teased in a scene in the music video for lead single "No Tears Left to Cry", which displayed what appears to be a working track listing for the upcoming album. Grande confirmed the title on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on May 1, 2018. On June 27, Grande revealed that the song will become the official second single from her upcoming album. She initially announced on Twitter that the song would be released on July 20. However, she later confirmed the release date as July 13.

Composition and lyrics
"God Is a Woman" is a midtempo song that runs for three minutes and seventeen seconds. It was characterized as a hybrid of hip hop and pop, and was noted for its trap production and influences of reggae music. Time described the song as "an anthemic, sultry banger", and noted that "Grande's voice is layered so that it sounds like a choir, but really, it's only her, multiplied." Grande raps at various points throughout the song, which contains assertive lyrics embracing her femininity and intertwining themes of sexuality and spirituality.

The song is performed in the key of E♭ minor with a tempo of 73 beats per minute in common time. The song follows a chord progression of E♭m – D♭/E♭ – E♭m – D♭/E♭ – C♭maj7 – D♭/C♭ –A♭m7 – B♭m7, and Grande's vocals span from B♭3 to B♭4.

Critical reception
Mike Nied of Idolator described it as "a sexually liberated bop", writing: "The beat picks up as moves into the chorus. Incorporating a hip-hop edge, her voice gets progressively breathier. Although the single is obviously a sexy banger, it also includes a resilient message. In the face of critics, she defiantly takes a stand." Bryan Rolli of called it "an impressive show of both virtuosity and restraintone" and "one of the best pop songs of the summer—if not the year". He also praised Grande's vocal performance "sprinkling her signature falsetto across the sultry chorus and reining in her vocal acrobatics in the verses. She tries on different flows at her whim, singing slow, seductive come-ons (“I can tell that you know I know how I want it”) and riffing on Migos’ triplet flow in the pre-choruses. The track is full of chilly, hypnotic trap beats, tasteful drops and electronic squawks, atop which Grande harmonizes with herself to suck listeners into the world she’s created for three-and-a-half minutes. performs with a maturity that her last two singles lacked, taking a fairly simple formula - heroic female pop vocals plus entrancing trap beats - and turning it into a bite-sized masterpiece. The track probably won't put to bed any controversial theological debates, but it sure made a lot of people believe in something tonight."

Commercial performance
Upon release, "God Is a Woman" began receiving early radio support in the United States. The song drew in 172 spins from 52 Mediabase-monitored pop stations across the country on the final tracking period days. It was officially serviced to contemporary hit and rhythmic radio on July 24, 2018. "God Is a Woman" debuted at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on the issue dated July 28, 2018. It sold 43,000 digital downloads during its opening week, allowing it to enter the Digital Songs chart at number four, while debuting at number 11 on Streaming Songs with 25.1 million US streams.

In the United Kingdom, "God Is a Woman" entered the Official Trending Chart at number one following its release, with the song set to debut in the top ten of the chart regardless of any added points. On July 20, 2018, the song opened at number four on the UK Singles Chart, where it became her seventh top-ten single in the country. Similarly, it entered the Irish Singles Chart at number four, and at number eight in Scotland. In Australia, the song has debuted on the ARIA Charts at number five, marking her seventh top-ten entry there as well.

Music video
The lyric video for "God Is a Woman" premiered on Grande's YouTube channel alongside the release of the single. The video visualizes a cloud-filled background that transitions to a cosmic scene, ending with a still shot of the singer. The official music video was released later the same day. It was directed by Dave Meyers and features a monologue by Madonna. The video pays homage to The Last Judgement, The Creation of Adam, Remus and Romulus, astronomy, female genitalia, and other visual imagery, as well as Greek mythology.

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