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“Dead love” is when you are in a damaging relationship but won’t leave.

“Proud of and disgusted by her” displays the internal conflict of the damaging relationship.

“Push Shove” physical expression of damaging relationship
“Not coming home with you” they had a fight

“My life’s a bit more colder” when he finds out what happens

“Dead wife is what I told her” the threat he made when he finds her cheating.

“Brass knife sinks into my shoulder” Brass is an old term for prostitute, he is insulting her and saying she stabbed him in the back, this may also be literal but I don’t think so.

“Oh darling don’t know what I’m gonna do” Foreshadowing

“I see my redhead, messed bed, tear shed queen bee my squeeze” the love he feels for after his anger subsided.

“The scene it smells, tells misspells knock me on my knees” looking around it’s clear what he’s done and he feels bad.

“It didn’t hurt, flirt blood squirt, stuffed shirt, hang me from a tree.” Some of his anger is coming back, he’s not hurt by it what he has done and he insults the man she cheated with “stuffed shirt” someone who doesn’t like to have fun.

This song describes the rollercoaster of emotions involved in an awful end to a horrible relationship by using the fewest words possible. Culminating in his realisation that he will hang for this and go to hell.

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