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"Still Got the Blues (For You)" is a song by British guitarist Gary Moore which was originally released on the album "Still Got the Blues". The song was released on the single format and reached #97 on the Billboard Hot 100 on 16 February 1991. It is the only single of Moore's to chart in the Billboard Hot 100.Later in 1990 Gary Moore and Ian Taylor filmed a basic music video for the song.Gary Moore has played with his Les Paul Standard Guitar all through the song.

On December 3, 2008, a Munich, Germany court ruled that the guitar solo on the title track was plagiarized from a 1974 instrumental recording called "Nordrach" (named after Nordrach, a small river in the central Black Forest ) by the German progressive rock band Jud's Gallery from Offenburg. Moore denied knowing of the song, due to its unavailability on record or CD at the time of studio work on his album; the court stated that the song could have been heard on the radio or in a live performance during that time. The court also stated that there was no evidence that the guitar solo was lifted from "Nordrach", but copyright infringement does not depend on outright theft. Moore was ordered to pay J├╝rgen Winter, leader of Jud's Gallery, an undisclosed amount in damages.

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