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"The Way You Make Me Feel" is a song by American recording artist Michael Jackson. Released by Epic Records in November 1987, it was the third single from Jackson's seventh studio album Bad. Written and composed by Jackson, and produced by Quincy Jones (and co-produced by Jackson), the song is credited as being a rhythm and blues song.

Aside from appearing on Jackson's Bad album, the song has also been featured on the first disc of Jackson's compilation album HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I in 1995, Number Ones in 2003, The Ultimate Collection in 2004, The Essential Michael Jackson in 2005, Visionary: The Video Singles in 2006 and This Is It in 2009. "The Way You Make Me Feel" has been covered by multiple recording artists since its release.

The song received positive reviews from some contemporary critics. "The Way You Make Me Feel" became Bad's third consecutive single to peak at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, and charted mainly within the top ten and twenty internationally. A music video for "The Way You Make Me Feel" was released at the time showing Jackson pursuing and dancing with a woman. Since the music video's release, it has become influential on other artists' material. The song has been performed on all of Jackson's world concert tours as a solo artist, and was planned to have been performed during the This Is It concerts from 2009 to 2010. Notable live performances of the song by Jackson include a performance at the 1988 Grammy Awards ceremony.
"The Way You Make Me Feel" was recorded by Michael Jackson in 1987 for his seventh studio album Bad, which was released the same year it was recorded. Epic Records released the song as the third single from the album in November that year. "The Way You Make Me Feel" was written and co-produced by Jackson, and produced by Quincy Jones. Before the recording of Bad, Jackson had written over sixty songs for the album, with plans of releasing a three disc album, but after Jones convinced Jackson to make Bad a one disc LP, "The Way You Make Me Feel", as well as ten other songs were selected for the album. According to Bad 25, a documentary about the 25th anniversary of Bad's release, the song and subsequent video was intended to show another aspect to public's perception of Michael Jackson in addition to his reputation as a lover (I Just Can't Stop Loving You) and being streetwise (Bad) they wanted to show him as a flirt or able to pick up girls.

"The Way You Make Me Feel" has been featured on multiple greatest hits and compilation albums by Jackson since the song's release, including the first disc of Jackson's two disc compilation album HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I in 1995, Jackson's greatest hits album, Number Ones in 2003 and the This Is It compilation album in 2009.

Musically, "The Way You Make Me Feel" is a rhythm and blues song composed of blues harmonies. The song's opening lyrics are "Hey, pretty baby with the high heels on". "The Way You Make Me Feel"'s lyrics pertain to being in love, as well as the feeling of loving someone. Throughout the song Jackson's vocal range spans from B3 to A5. The song is played in the key of E major. "The Way You Make Me Feel" has a mid-tempo of medium rock and has a metronome of 120 beats per minute. The song follows in the chord progression of C—E♭/C—C—C/E♭ in the first line, when Jackson sings "Hee-hee! Ooh Go on!" and continues on the same progression in the second line, when Jackson sings "Girl! Aaow!".
The music video for "The Way You Make Me Feel" was directed by Joe Pytka and produced by Michael Nesmith. It was choreographed by Vincent Paterson. The short version of the video is seven minutes and fifty-four seconds long and the full version is nine minutes and thirty-three seconds long. The video begins with a group of males trying to pick up women, but they don't get any luck. One of the males (Michael Jackson) is told to go home and don't hang around with the other guys anymore. When the male walks home, an elderly man (played by Joe Seneca), who is sitting on the steps of his house, tells him to just be himself. The male notices a female, played by model/dancer Tatiana Thumbtzen, walking down the streets alone.

Shortly after the male walks out of an alley and stands in front of the female while she's walking down the street, although she ignores him and keeps walking. He gets her attention by shouting, and then begins singing "The Way You Make Me Feel" to her while also dancing. Uninterested, she walks away. He follows her, having been cheered on by his friends to pursue her. Another dance routine begins, involving the males friends, which leads to the male pursuing the female throughout the neighborhood. The video ends with the male eventually winning the female over, and embraces her, while a fire hydrant is spraying out water. The videoclip also features an appearance by his sister La Toya as one of Thumbtzen's friends.

The music video was released on October 31, 1987, and received one nomination at the 1988 MTV Video Music Awards Ceremony. The video, alongside Jackson's '"Bad" video, was nominated for Best Choreography, but lost to Jackson's younger sister Janet's video "The Pleasure Principle".

The music video was included on the video albums: Video Greatest Hits – HIStory (long version on DVD and short version on VHS), Number Ones (short version), Michael Jackson's Vision (long version) and the Target version DVD of Bad 25 (long version).

The introduction of the full version of the video also samples the Roy Ayers 1985 song "Hot" from his You Might Be Surprised album.

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