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"9 PM (Till I Come)" is the title of a song by German trance music producer ATB, released as his debut single from the album Movin' Melodies in 1998. The single entered at number one in the United Kingdom for the week ending July 3, 1999 and stayed there for a fortnight. It was also number one in the Republic of Ireland for 2 consecutive weeks. It was the United Kingdom's fifth best-selling single of 1999, with around 850,000 copies sold.
A 6 second sample of "9 PM (Till I Come)" which highlights the pitched guitar sound that is ATB's trademark.
The song was the first to be released by André Tanneberger under his alias ATB. The vocals are performed by Yolanda Rivera. It was the first track to feature the sound of a pitched guitar, which was so striking for the first singles to be released as ATB. Apparently Tanneberger was fooling around with his studio-equipment, while he was showing someone around. He liked the sound so much that it became his trademark, and a worldwide dance hit.
"9 PM (Till I Come)" became so popular that in 2000, Electronic Arts decided to use it in their game, FIFA Premier League All Stars 1999, as their title song.[citation needed] The version which was used was the Signum remix. However the Sequential One 1999 remix is a version that has been very popular in clubs throughout from 1999 onwards and was used for the UK radio edit of the song.

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