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Two Worlds
Let U Go
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"Let U Go" is a song originally written by the Canadian musicians Ken Harrison and Robert Michaels as "Wrong to Let You Go". This pop-rock song, recorded by the Wild Strawberries, the band consisting of Harrison and his wife Roberta Carter, first appeared on volume 3 of the compilation album series Women & Songs, then on the Wild Strawberries album Twist (2000). German dance DJ and producer ATB remixed the song and released it twice as a single, it being ATB's 6th and 15th single releases.

The first version of the song was released on CD 1 (The World of Movement) of ATB's second album Two Worlds, which was released in 2000. The song bore a similar sound to prior singles "The Fields of Love" and "The Summer" from the same album.

A year later ATB remixed the song again for a single release. By doing this he stepped away from his traditional sound and created a harder dance track, leaving out pitch-bends and guitar sounds. Apart from these changes, a second verse was also added to the song and a new main-hook was created. The single became ATB's biggest hit in his home country Germany, as it was his first, and only, top ten single, reaching number seven. It was the last ATB single to be released in the UK, the song peaked at number 34 in the United Kingdom. Eventually this version of the song appeared on his third album Dedicated, which also contained additional songs produced from the now-ongoing collaboration between Tanneberger and the Wild Strawberries.

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