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"Who Is It (Carry My Joy on the Left, Carry My Pain on the Right)" is a song by Björk, which was the second single to be released from her album Medúlla. The video was directed by Dawn Shadforth and shot outdoors in Björk's native Iceland. The video features the bell choir version of the song, which was re-recorded with the Bústaðakirkja Bell Choir, and is different from the album version.

The first version of the song was written with Bogdan Raczynski. Raczynski stated that he did not want this version to be made generally available. He was quoted as saying, "It was a beautiful thing we did together, but for that reason alone it should be left in the clouds. People need mystery and romance." In spite of this, it did eventually receive a limited vinyl release on the Rephlex record label.

Björk explains about the song:

“ This is a song I wrote at the end on Vespertine, but I didn't put it there because I felt it was from a different family - Vespertine was introvert and shy and not very physical a record, and this was a very physical song that I wrote when I was feeling quite strong again. ”

The single was released on 18 October 2004 in the UK, where it peaked at #26 in the singles chart.

In 2011, Bon Iver performed a cover version of the song during a concert in Brooklyn, New York and subsequently covered it on an iTunes live session.

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