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"El Mañana" (Spanish for "The Morning") is a song by British alternative rock band Gorillaz. It was released on 10 April 2006 in the United Kingdom as a double A-side, and the fourth and final singles from their album Demon Days. "El Mañana", along with its other A-side "Kids with Guns", reached number 27 upon its release in the UK.

The music video for "El Mañana" was released on 11 March 2006. It was created by Passion Pictures, and directed by Jamie Hewlett.

The video opens to Noodle on the same floating island from the music video to "Feel Good Inc."; two helicopters trail behind the island, opening fire upon it and Noodle with mounted machine guns. As Noodle flees into the windmill, the helicopters smash into the windmill's sails and destroy them. The windmill is enveloped in flames, and the island's green foliage is reduced to scorched earth. The heavily damaged island loses altitude and falls into a canyon. One of the helicopters hovers above the crash zone, and drops a bombshell.

The fictional Gorillaz biography Rise of the Ogre reveals that Noodle escaped the island at the last moment via parachute.

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Video Director
Jamie Hewlett

Video Production Company
Passion Pictures


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