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"19-2000", sometimes written "19/2000", is a song from the Gorillaz' self-titled debut album Gorillaz. It was also the second single from the album, released in June 2001.

The video, directed by Jamie Hewlett and Pete Candeland, is animated, both in 2-D and 3-D. It features Gorillaz riding in their Geep (as mentioned in the 2005 MTV Cribs episode, featuring the Gorillaz) along a twisted highway, encountering roller coaster style loops, a killer UFO, when Murdoc decides not to take an exit leading toward a church, and a giant moose. Murdoc tries to blow up the moose with a pair of missiles, but the moose sneezes right before impact, sending them back to the car, which explodes and skids along the highway on fire. The members of Gorillaz appear to have black ash all over them from the blast. In between these various encounters the Gorillaz pass and perform things in time with the rhythm—such as a field of nodding donkeys, or the light posts passing them at the beginning, and a couple of sections where the buggy does several versions of the wheelie and even appears to break the sound barrier. There are two versions of this video, one to fit the original mix and one to fit the soulchild remix. The videos are almost identical, except for a few minor changes in order for the two songs to sync up with the video. On the motorway, there are signs to Amity, a reference to Jaws, the Overlook Hotel, a reference to The Shining, and Camp Crystal, a reference to Friday the 13th. It was shown in the MTV Cribs tour of Kong Studios that the buggy actually survived the blast, and now sits in the Kong Studio's parking lot.

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HASH1: D8FA58D6E3E36426 HASH2: 28C5522E78036F57 (FLAC)
HASH1: EF15A1C78E6A283F HASH2: 41580558A096F2A3 (MP3)
HASH1: 2F0865C31245CB4E HASH2: BC1CB0FF2AD1396C (MP3)
HASH1: ED9601333D8A97C4 HASH2: C1A45F3408470121 (MP3)
HASH1: C28A5FA42328CC54 HASH2: D54E319B82EAE389 (MP3)
HASH1: BAF12E2023504B03 HASH2: 0EE92D74AEF22547 (MP3)
HASH1: 0B03DFD816C6EFFC HASH2: 4505FD02D32EDE21 (MP3)
HASH1: F27B36CE10E96317 HASH2: BE6790F06B0440F1 (MP3)
HASH1: 0D6AB868F8369634 HASH2: 882583EC3E039858 (MP3)
HASH1: 66D74301E25A3599 HASH2: 58657BD6D420DA3E (MP3)


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Jamie Hewlett|Pete Candeland

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