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Music and lyrics by Bruce Springsteen, DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN is the tenth (and closing) track on his 1978 album Darkness On The Edge Of Town

"Darkness" contrasts the lives of two former lovers, one of whom eschewed risk ("that blood it never burned in her veins" in favor of the safety of "a house up in Fairview" while the other continued to frequent at the "spot out 'neath Abram's bridge". In "Darkness"' Springsteen examines the costs of both material comfort and discontent. To him, it's too easy to sneer at the person who chooses the nice home at the expense of self-examination, for that too forces a price ("I lost my money and I lost my wife").

To Springsteen, life comes at a pychic cost ("everybody's got a secret") that one must be willing to pay because existence will exact it anyway ("'Til some day they just cut it loose"). He must be "on that hill with everything I got," but at the same time he grasps that that may not be possible for everyone. In fact, he's not even there by choice: He's there because he must be. Whatever the costs exacted by the darkness on the edge of town, he'll pay them in order to remain true to himself. This may not be the easiest path, but it's his.

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