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"All Summer Long" is a song written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love for the American rock band The Beach Boys. It was released on their 1964 album All Summer Long, and as a single in the UK in February 1965 in place of Capitol's U.S. release, the Beach Boys' version of "Do You Wanna Dance?" -- perhaps a tactical move by EMI in London to avoid taking sales from its existing version by Cliff Richard, "Do You Want to Dance?" As things turned out, "All Summer Long" was not a hit on the now hard-rock British scene, breaking the Beach Boys' string of three previous consecutive UK hits.

Like many other early Beach Boy songs, "All Summer Long" is about having fun and surfing, which shows key elements of their surfing style during the early 1960s. However, along with "I Get Around" and "Don't Worry Baby", this song is a lot more sophisticated than past efforts. Donald A. Guarisco, who later reviewed the song, said "All Summer Long" is a rollicking tune with beguiling teen fantasy lyrics. The narrative catalogs a series of happy events enjoyed by a guy and his girlfriend during the summer and punctuates them with the observation "every now and then we hear our song/we been having fun all summer long." The cheery sentiment of the lyrics carries over to the melody whose swirling bounciness provides a solid musical backdrop for the narrative's sunny tone. However, the true sunshine pop quality of "All Summer Long" is realized on the Beach Boys' recording, which features the group's harmonies at their most candy sweet over a jaunty instrumental track driven by boogie-woogie piano lines and some colorful xylophone hooks. The combination of sugary vocals and airy melodicism made "All Summer Long" a perfect summer tune."

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