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The Beach Boys
Our Prayer
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Our Prayer" is a song written by Brian Wilson for the American rock band The Beach Boys. It was released on their 1969 album 20/20 and was produced by The Beach Boys. The main vocals were recorded on October 4, 1966 with the additional vocals being recorded at Capitol Records Studios in Fall, 1968. The wordless, a cappella piece was originally supposed to be the opening track on the never-released Smile album. As Peter Reum explains "Brian intended for 'Our Prayer' to be the opening track, a spiritual invocation, for 'Smile'. It was the first track to be recorded for the album but was initially considered an opening for "Heroes and Villains".

Brian said his intention was to quickly record and get it over with as soon as possible so he could focus on recording the bulk of Smile for a January, 1967 released which he had promised Capitol. He once said, "I was sitting at my piano thinkin' about holy music. I poked around for some simple but moving chords. Later I sat down and wrote 'Our Prayer' in sections. The boys were overtaken by the arrangement. I taught it to them in sections, the way I usually do. The purity of the blending of the voices made the listeners feel spiritual. I was definitely into rock church music."

The song was released together with "Cabinessence" on their 1969 album 20/20 with some added vocal overdubs.

An All-Star Tribute to Brian Wilson (2001) began with this song. The Boys' Choir of Harlem had performed "Our Prayer" at a live Radio City Music Hall concert on July 4, 2001.

The song was re-recorded and released on Brian Wilson's 2004 solo release of Smile, without the other Beach Boys members.

The Beach Boys performed the song live for the first time ever during their June 24, 2012 show and as an intro to "Heroes and Villains".

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