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"Never Learn Not to Love" is a song recorded by The Beach Boys. It was released on their 1969 album 20/20. It was also released as the B-side of the "Bluebirds over the Mountain" single in 1968. On the Beach Boys album, the song is credited solely to Dennis Wilson.

Before the album commenced recording, Dennis had befriended Charles Manson a struggling musician and decided to help him in the music industry by recording his "Cease to Exist" which was reportedly written by Manson for the group.The song was reworked by Dennis Wilson for the Beach Boys, some of the lyrics were changed, and the music and melody was rewritten with less of a blues influence. Part of the lyrical revisions included changing the opening lyric from, "Cease to exist" to "Cease to resist", which resulted in the title being changed to "Never Learn Not to Love". Manson explicitly told Wilson that the words were not to be altered, though he could do what he liked with the music (in the event, the basic melody was largely unchanged). When "Never Learn Not to Love" was first released by the Beach Boys as a B-side in late 1968, and credited solely to Dennis Wilson—with altered lyrics and a new bridge—Manson threatened Wilson with murder. According to Brian's collaborator Van Dyke Parks, when Manson once showed up to make good on his threat, Dennis beat him up. The Manson incident gave everyone a scare in the Beach Boys' camp—especially after his well-known crimes came to light.

On September 11 and 17, 1968 "Never Learn not Love" was recorded at Brian Wilson's home studio in Bel Air, California with Dennis and Carl Wilson overseeing the production.

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