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Track Description
"Trouble" is a song recorded by British alternative rock band Coldplay for their debut album, Parachutes. The band wrote the song and co-produced it with British record producer Ken Nelson. The song repeats the word "trouble" throughout the lyrics, and its musicscape is minimalist built around a piano.

The song was released on 26 October 2000 as the album's third single. It reached number 10 on the UK Singles Chart, making it the band's second Top 10 single in the country. Although "Trouble" failed to chart on the main singles chart in the United States, the music press deemed it almost as successful as its predecessor, "Yellow". Two different music videos for the single were released.

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HASH1: CC64E4C85311EA49 HASH2: C5914E9B880FE881 (FLAC)
HASH1: EB8A4D545F4B6895 HASH2: 3862F1254AEEDA11 (MP3)
HASH1: 5A7F790217443729 HASH2: 666744F003695991 (MP3)
HASH1: 55DD3C9C9B15EB34 HASH2: 78E9DB587A2DFF47 (MP3)
HASH1: 7B1216CDE0093E27 HASH2: FB48AD8C204521C7 (MP3)
HASH1: 5BA889EDB2976775 HASH2: 7AD5333F560A0226 (MP3)
HASH1: F6C6BB80F86A646E HASH2: 2EB0A445B141A26B (MP3)
HASH1: 371F642207A5A2FB HASH2: 4859844C3A60B7D3 (MP3)
HASH1: 07C85A8A629C35FA HASH2: EC9203CA600F4F44 (MP3)
HASH1: 645B9D56C728F30F HASH2: 3E22ECF2392455E3 (MP3)
HASH1: BB9E2ACCF630195D HASH2: 89CC2F7CA44105D1 (MP3)
HASH1: EEC2DA745A8225C5 HASH2: B9C138B1FC09444D (MP3)
HASH1: 702AB40616F9FD2C HASH2: 6662D1D4E725F0E3 (MP3)
HASH1: DC853AC5370B3614 HASH2: B98FAAF02C771172 (FLAC)
HASH1: 71A1601E361D1686 HASH2: D360584FD5FE7207 (MP3)
HASH1: 0D4A57C109E33FC9 HASH2: 6320DF3A55523C78 (MP3)
HASH1: 44014403C1198E5C HASH2: 4A2FEFCBC0229C0C (MP3)
HASH1: FE2DD90F4A872B4A HASH2: B6B8802558827B73 (FLAC)
HASH1: AAC9ED486300EDD3 HASH2: 2E59F6453C660323 (MP3)
HASH1: 53A1D1ED55905B7E HASH2: 498767A195A4CD92 (MP3)
HASH1: D840C41355696ACE HASH2: B98FAAF02C771172 (FLAC)
HASH1: 923C7B3EC2AA2177 HASH2: EBBD474F50F1B788 (MP3)






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