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"Rope" had its origins during the Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace world tour, as frontman Dave Grohl played an acoustic guitar while waiting for the soundchecks or fly to the next city. After the tour ended in 2008, the song had its first version recorded during sessions at Grand Master Studios in Hollywood. It would later be brought into the Wasting Light songs which were recorded at Grohl's garage.
The song's unusual rhythms and angular chords have a distinct influence from Rush as well as Led Zeppelin's album Presence, which Grohl declared "may be my favorite album of theirs". The main progression of chords is a flat seventh, a fourth and a minor third, warrant guitarist Chris Shiflett to comment that "What my guitar is doing over the bass makes no sense in a way. It does, but you don't know how." The intro is a sequence of minor sevenths with a sus four, going from B minor to D, which Shiflett stated was "kind of illogical, in a way, to your ear", and Grohl himself compared to Television and Mission of Burma.

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