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"Everlong" is the second single released from Foo Fighters' second album The Colour and the Shape, released in 1997. The song was conceived when Dave Grohl returned home to Washington, D.C., following the initial recording sessions for the album. It was eventually recorded as part of the second set of sessions, which took place at Grandmaster Recorders in January-February 1997.

The song was written when the band took a two-week break from recording after the initial sessions. Dave Grohl wrote "Everlong" by himself at his home in Virginia. Written in the key of D Major, the song opens with a quiet, clean guitar playing the chords that form the basis of the verse. A fast drum beat enters, which is joined by the same chords played with distortion. Though in 4/4 time, the verse repeats after every seven measures. The verses are based on the progression â™­3-1-â™­6-1. The first chord is Dmaj7 chord, followed by a Bsus2. This is followed by a Gsus2 chord. The pre-chorus follows the progression â™­3-â™­7, but with an added guitar riff adding strength to the instrumentation as Grohl's vocals rise to a shout. The chorus uses the progression 1-â™­6-â™­3 (â™­7-â™­6), a mainstay of rock music. The song ends on a G chord, never resolving back to D.
The track features a new wave-style drum beat, which was a first for Grohl at the time.

During the instrumental break, three indecipherable tracks whispered by Grohl can be heard. The exact wordings are unknown, but according to the official Foo Fighters newsgroup FAQ, the source materials are a love letter, a technical manual, and a story about a studio technician's father.

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