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Mahala Rai Banda
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București, Romania

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Wild gypsy brass from the romanian suburbs.

Having ripped up stages across the USA and Europe, Romanian roots rockers Mahala Rai Banda are to blast stages all over the world with their fierce Gypsy funk. The 11-piece brass band’s blend of hard Balkan brass with minor key violin & accordion melodies has made them as a force to be reckoned with. Having taken shape on the mean streets of Bucharest, Mahala Rai Banda’s sound is 21st Century Gypsy music: rooted in tradition but with hints of dub and soul, Turkish and Arabic assimilated into their roaring dance mix. When Mahala Rai Banda hit the stage ancient Gypsy campfire tunes blend with the raucous din of Balkan Mafia clubs.

Mahala Rai Banda is a gypsy band based in Bucharest (Romania). The band was formed by violinist and composer Aurel Ionita, who originates from a family of Lăutari from the village of Clejani. He is related to several members of Taraf de Haïdouks. The band plays Balkan-influenced music. Instrumentation used by the band includes violins, accordions, and other brass instruments performed by musicians from Zece Prăjini. Their music includes a mixture of traditional popular music and Balkan-influenced club music (Balkan Beats). Their music is known for its blend of arrangements, traditional elements, and modern approaches.

Ever since the release of their debut album, Mahala Rai Banda's has performed over 200 concerts in 26 countries, and appeared at major festivals and clubs and concert halls. Their song "Mahalageasca" (both in its original version Shantel's remix) has appeared in British-American feature film Borat, as well as in several other films and advertising campaigns. Their debut album climbed to Number 3 in the World Music Charts Europe Mahala Raï Banda have also had their tracks remixed and/or reworked by electronic music producers and artists such as Nouvelle Vague, Felix B (from Basement Jaxx), Balkan Beat Box, DJ Click, Russ Jones, Shantel and more. Most of these reworks appeared as part of the Electric Gypsyland albums. Mahala Raï Banda tracks have appeared on international compilations including "Buddha Bar" (France), "Bucovina Club" (Germany), "Balkan Bangers and Gypsy Beats" (UK), "Balearic Bisquits" (Denmark), "Balkanology" (South Africa), "Rough Guide to Eastern Europe" (UK), "Rromanu Suno" (Serbia), "Balkan Beats" (Germany), "Barrio Latino" (France), "Bar Gypsy" (USA), and others. The band's music was also featured in the soundtrack album of the film Borat. Mahala Rai Banda has also formed part of THE GYPSY QUEENS AND KINGS tour. since 2009, and have been featured on the 2011 platforming game LittleBigPlanet 2.

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