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Revealed in 1972 in the Rock Opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” with Marie Magdalene’s role, Anne Marie DAVID wins the Eurovision Song Contest in 1973 for Luxemburg with her song “Tu te reconnaitras” (Wonderful Dream).
This success opens her the doors of an international career, and she has recorded in several languages like French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Turkish.
In Turkey she becomes a real star. A jury of 400 journalists gives her the “Oscar International des Variétés in 1974. This award has been given to her by His Excellency Fahri KORUTURK, President of the Turkish Republic. It’s the first time that a French artist receives this award. Exceptionally, Anne Marie receives it again in 1975. She is the only artist in the world to get it twice!
Then in 1979 she represents France at the Eurovision Song Contest where she gets the third place with the song “Je suis l’enfant soleil”. Boosted by this third place, Anne Marie continues her international career with this very honourable award.
In 1983, in Oslo, she receives the “Best Foreign Interpreter award”. Anne Marie has sung all over the world except on the American continent.
In 1984, in France, Claude BOLLING composes a musical for her “Le vent tourbillon”
It’s a musical for children, and she plays with the famous actor Michaël LONSDALE who also releases the production. An album is recorded which is actually available on CD under FREMEAUX et Associés label.
But in 1987 Anne Marie decides to stop her career to live in the country. As her friend Jacques PESSIS (journalist at “LE FIGARO”) mentions it , “She has tided up her archives in a trunk, choose not to listen to the radio or watch the TV and spent time to breed bulls and Lusitanian horses”.
In 2003 a friend of her asks her to come back on stage for a private concert in a restaurant in TOULOUSE. She hesitates much, but finally she sings, one night some of her successes.
She had never opened her mouth for fifteen years but all the professional reflexes come back naturally.
Some weeks later, a record producer prepares a compilation with 18 of her French titles. She immediately writes some lines to introduce it. This CD album called “Je suis l’enfant soleil” has become one of the best sell on Internet, without any promotion from the medias.
In 2004 Anne Marie DAVID opens a website:
and prepares new songs.
Her comeback on TV shows is due to Pascal SEVRAN who invites her many times in his show “Chanter la Vie” on channel 2.
December 2004 her new CD album comes out under Anne Marie David’s label: MAD Productions.
This album has been recorded “LIVE” on October 14th in CHARLEROI (Belgium) with Philippe LEOGE her pianist and arranger, during a tour organized by her Fan Club and with the financial help of her worldwide fans.
This album represents Anne Marie DAVID’s comeback on stage, and a beautiful story of love between her and her public. Thanks to them all!
In 2006, Anne Marie DAVID and Jean RENARD, one of the most successful composer all around world (Mike BRANT –Johnny HALLIDAY – Sylvie VARTAN – Rika ZARAI – Jeane MANSON and DALLAS music composer... amongst others) decide to work together for the first time.
FEDERICO a single to pay homage to the poet Federico GARCIA LORCA, is released on Patrick LIOTARD arrangements.
The stunning vocal possibilities of Anne Marie DAVID is revealed in these two songs: “FEDERICO” and “A MI PADRE”.
She adapts the English and Spanish versions of these French titles, and records them too.
Between 2007 and end of 2008 she creates a radio station in the Pyrenees together with her friend David GERARD. There, she experiences to become a radio producer and intervieuwer.
Then she returns to her first love: the stage. She appears in concerts, festivals either as guest or as president of Jury, cruises ....
In 2011
- Lots of compilations of her start to be available in the same time on internet. The first one is her 80’s double album French and English on the music site
- As an English and French writer she prepares an album, with English and Israeli composers. For the first time she records in Hebrew ...
- For the first time also she writes for other artists in French. Shira GAVRIELOV and her father Miki GAVRIELOV will sing her lyrics on their new albums, and Harel SKAAT the 2010 Israeli entry at the Eurovision Song Contest has sung her adaptation in French of his song “MILIM”. Another way for Anne Marie DAVID to come back to this international major event.
- She also appears as a guest on the album “DIVAS OF THE DANCE” under Energise Records Label, with Nicki FRENCH etc.... Strange, surprising but great entry of Anne Marie DAVID on a dance floor album with her title: “YOU CAME TO ME”.
- Many great new ballads in several languages will also be released by this real DIVA, all around the world. Her love for her fans and her curiosity towards new concepts, bring her to various styles with always the same characteristic enthusiasm and pleasure.
- As one of the Honorary Vice President of WAFA (World Association of festivals and Artists Anne Marie DAVID has been asked to bring some French singers in major international competitions.
- On February 27th and 28th she enters The GOLDEN MELODIES Festival of CYPRUS as a writer. Fanny EGEA one of her past singing student represented France with a song called “Je n’ai jamais su”. Music by Tomer ADADDI (composer of MILIM – Israeli entry at the ESC in 2010 with Harel SKAAT) For the second time Anne Marie DAVID and Tomer ADADDI work together. Fanny EGEA gets the 3rd prize.
- On April 29th and 30th Anne Marie DAVID brings Bruce BARNER another French singer in MALTA, for 2 concerts.
- A new CD “TRACES” released under MAD productions her label with 5 new songs from various countries composers like Jean MUSY ( France) “On rêve, on rêve” with Frank THOMAS as a writer, Tomer ADDADI (Israel) and Anne Marie DAVID who did the cover of “Je n’ai Jamais su” Jesus CANADILLA ( Spain) and Anne Marie DAVID as lyricist for “Adieu Pequenito” Mark KEARNS ( Scotland) and Anne Marie DAVID as lyricist for “L’inconnue que je suis” and Jean RENARD (France) composer and lyricist for his song “A mon père”
In 2012, Anne Marie DAVID has celebrated her 40 years of career.
- She’s back to a 70’s concept: 3 artists on stage
A 2 hours new show with young musicians will tour during two years. Anne Marie DAVID has revisited the hits of her repertoire and added new songs of her. She also decides to give her chance to “MELODIE’K” a young duet (Fanny EGEA – Maxime LLORCA) and Daniel LAURENT a talented artist she met on a cruise.
- In March 2012 Anne Marie DAVID has given 10 exceptional concerts at Le Théâtre Le Temple in Paris . A way to meet her fans from all over the world, and entertain with them. A new maxi single of 5 news songs will also be available at that time ... “Traces” Anne Marie DAVID has written 3 of the 5 lyrics with 3 different composers. Tomer ADADDI from Israel – Mark KEARNS from Scotland and Jésus CANADILLA from Spain. And from France, Jean MUSY who composed, arranged and play piano on his song, Frank THOMAS who wrote the lyrics and Jean RENARD for the 5th title have joined this album.
- Anne Marie DAVID has also decided to write a book about her life in which everyone will discover her, as we’ve never seen her before.
She has already chosen its name: “THE ME NOBODY KNOWS”.

- With MaveO’RICK a young German singer-producer she accepts to record again a new pop dance version of “Tut te reconnaitras” her 73 hit in French – German, Spanish, Turkish ( for the first time) and English...
Mave ( from Germany) and Seyran ( from Turkey and Azerbaïdjan) will be her vocalists.

- 2013 a new collector numbered and dedicated CD with 4 songs.
“Je manque de toi” written by Jean MUSY and Pierre André DOUSSET, has been the song that Anne Marie DAVID has entered the Eurovision French selection with .
Even though the song had not been selected, but having received on March 2013, 25000 viewers and listeners on various websites, these results have encouraged Anne Marie David to pre-sell this single. It’s name: “EMOTION”
“Notre aventure” written by Michel SIMONET – “Ma voix” Jean MUSY as composer and Anne Marie DAVID as lyricist – and a new version of “L’inconnue que je suis” Mark KEARNS as composer and Anne Marie DAVID as lyricist completes this maxi single released under MAD Productions.
Amazing and surprising Anne Marie!
Anne Marie DAVID is probably one of the classiest and most attractive female vocalists Europe has produced recent times.
Whether in front of TV audiences of 400 million plus, headlining three sell out shows a night or in intimate auditoriums, Anne Marie has the same effect mesmerising.
So a feast for the ears and eyes awaits those drawn to one of Europe most charismatic performers.
Anne Marie DAVID.

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