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5 x Doc Gynéco - Nirvana
5 x Doc Gynéco - Passement de jambes
5 x Doc Gynéco - Vanessa
4 x Doc Gynéco - Né ici
1 x Doc Gynéco - Les filles du Moove

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L'homme qui ne valait pas


Né ici

Frotti-Frotta (C'est l'am

C'est beau la vie

Viens voir le docteur (Di

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Doc Gynéco (real name Bruno Beausir) launched his career at the age of 19, writing a few tracks for the hardcore rap group Ministère AMER. After this rap group parted, Virgin Records signed him with the intent of converting his demos into an album in Paris. This project partially fell through, due to the mediocrity of the resulting work; Doc Gyneco then agreed to leave for Los Angeles to work with a famous American producer, Ken Kessie. The result of this work would be "Première Consultation", released in 1996, which received large media praise and huge success both in France and the world. Singles from the album include "Est-ce que ça le fait?", "Viens voir le docteur", "Dans Ma Rue", "Passements de Jambes", and "Né Ici". Two years later on the December 1st of 1998 his second album appeared in the shops, entitled "Liaisons Dangereuses". Although the main single -- "C'est Beau La Vie" -- created with the help of a politician (Bernard Tapie) was a flop, the album still sold reasonably well and earned its author even more notoriety. In the spring of 2001, Doc Gynéco tried to come back at the front of the music scene after a few years of silence with his third creation "Quality Street" . The single "Caramel", the first release from this new album met little success; yet guest stars on the album include the Wu-Tang Clan and Gregory Isaac. In August of 2002, the 4th album called "Solitaire" came out. This last realization found its audience and gave Doc Gynéco the "Victoire de La Musique" award for "Best hip-hop/rap album of the Year". Singles include "Funky Maxime", "Frotti Frotta", and "Flash". A collection of his hit singles since the beginning of his career has been released during 2004 (called 'Menu Best-of'); a new album also stands to be released middle of January 2006. This album proved to be a huge disappointment, to both fans and critics alike. Doc Gyneco was criticized for 'selling out', making this album out of a need for money. The songs, which are compiled in a two-CD album, are different to those of his classic style and lack the quality of both music and lyrics which were apparent in his previous creations.

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