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Place Called Rage (1995)

4 Male

Long Island, New York

Hard Rock



1990 to Present...


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Early 1990 something, four guys (who were tired of playing on other peoples projects), decided to do a record strictly for themselves. Each of them had the same taste in music, they loved all styles, not just one particular bag. In order to come up with a description of what they sound like, one would have to have an encyclopedia list of past influences, and even then, you'll probably draw the same conclusion I did, it sounds like no one else, but them... A Place Called Rage.

Allow me to introduce these guys to you…

First up, we have AL PITRELLI ( Aka, The Pinch ). Al has been associated with such bands as Alice Cooper, Asia, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Savatage and Megadeth to name a few. To try and sum up Al in just a few sentences, would be like trying to explain Einstein's theory of relativity to someone still in diapers. Nevertheless, let me say, his knowledge of guitar, coupled with his ability and flair for any, and all styles, puts him in a class all by himself.

2nd............ DANNY MIRANDA ( AKA... THE GURU OR HIPPIE ). Danny has played with the likes of… everyone.Danny is more of the philosopher of the band. He possesses the ability to watch a room full of people arguing with each other, while he's sitting there unfazed. However, his bass playing is surpassed by no one.

3rd............TOMMY FARESE ( Aka…. Tommy The Scam). All I can say about Tommy is (what a character). He's either selling something of questionable origins....or charming the money right out of your pocket. To try and sum him up would be virtually impossible. Understand to know him is to love him, (that's if he lets you), and I have had that privilege. Tommy has played with the likes of Gail Force, April Lawton, and Trans Siberian Orchestra. Tommy prides himself on being a saloon singer, (and I gotta tell you) not too many people sing with his kind of attitude.

yours truly,

(This text was paraphrased from the bio section of the old Place Called Rage website. The website is sadly no longer around, but you can still find it on the Internet Archives Wayback Machine. Just look up

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