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Emma King (2016)

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Hull, GB



Good Natured

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4 x Emma King - Devil City
4 x Emma King - Keep It Coming
4 x Emma King - All the Other Fools
4 x Emma King - Now We Get Away
4 x Emma King - You Lie Awake

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You Lie Awake

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Emma King’s remarkable journey has already taken her from Northern England to Tennessee, touring Europe and receiving 5-star album reviews along the way.
From humble beginnings in the grass roots of Hull, East Yorkshire, Emma soon discovered the comfort and freedom that singing in her own room brought. Learning from her mother’s love of Annie Lennox, Bette Midler, and Fleetwood Mac, Emma developed the deep, soulful timbre that has now become a trademark of her sound. What made it even more impressive (and still does!) is how such a huge sounding voice comes from such a petite frame…
300+ gigs later and while still a teenager, Emma’s calling became apparent when she spotted American legends like Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson on late-night TV and soon declared her musical future to be America’s homes of Rock ‘n’ Roll: Nashville & Memphis. For Emma, she knew that musical growth meant travel, and started to look outside of the city that had primed her for what was to come. Next stop, Brighton…
When Emma had just turned 17 she sent in a demo tape of her songs to a new music college in Brighton, something she’d spotted in The Stage magazine. Almost unbelievably (to Emma) she received a reply from Carleen Anderson (Brand New Heavies, and God-Daughter of James Brown) with an instant offer of a scholarship; a direction that would not have been possible otherwise.
2 years later and Emma had moved from Hull to Brighton, excelled in the first part of her degree and formed her band Emma King and The Heartsets, featuring Emma and 4 young guys from the Brighton area, all busting out Country-tinged Americana. After multiple tours to Germany, and inspired by Emma’s ambition and plans to tour America, the band followed suit and together they began self-funded trips to Nashville, TN. The group’s instant likeability (and British accents!) eventually hit upon a management & record label team in PLC Records that took on and settled the whole gang in a traditional ‘band house’ in Manchester, Tennessee, heralding the start of a new adventure. Staying true to her band (in light of many approaches to her to carry on as a solo artist) Emma and the band went on a 4 year adventure that deserves a biography of its own one day.

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