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Le fiabe dei ragni funamboli (2013)
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ALBIREON started as a musical project back in late 1998 from the strong will of self expression of Davide Borghi (Vocals, guitars, lyrics) and Carlo Baja-Guarienti (keyboards, piano, flute),who joined forces after different musical experiences . Albireon developed an heartfelt and clear sound with acoustic guitar and keyboards and started to write and record music. The first demo called “Where free birds sleep” was recorded with the precious help of ATARAXIA's guitarist Vittorio Vandelli and released in May 1999. The song "Estel" was featured in the wellknown sampler "Intimations of Immortality" V released by ENERGEIA. After some months spent writing new tracks Albireon entered a small professional studio with producer Marco Gherpelli to record 4 new songs for a demo tape called "Amniosphere", released in September 2000, who helped the band spreading their name in the underground of folk-dark music. In the same studio Albireon completed the sessions for the first true full lenght release called "Disincanto" released as CD-R in June 2001. This work collected great reviews and some tracks were asked for samplers. In the end of 2001 Albireon took a three months break and Davide Borghi met Stefano Romagnoli (Programming, samples, recordings) and started working with him at some more strange and disturbing music. The results of this collaboration was the creation of "Le stanze del sole nero" , a gloomy ten tracks work featuring strange ballads in the purest vein of neofolk and industrial songs based upon the samples of Stefano and the flute of Carlo. "Le stanze del sole nero" was released as a self production CD-R in late 2002 and was re-pressed by Cynfeirdd in a limited edition E4E series in January 2004 with 4 bonus tracks taken from the first works of Albireon. This release was the first official work of Albireon and was sold out very quickly . During 2004 a new work was composed and recorded with a deep collective works between Davide, Carlo, Stefano and the help of drummer Lorenzo Borghi. For the first time all the lyrics composed for the new album were written in italian language for the strong will of the band to follow the poetry and charming sound of their mother tongue. "Di vuoto, d'angoscia e di pioggia" is the title of the promo CD released to introduce the album and the new full lenght CD "Il volo insonne" was released on Cynfeirdd on May 05 2005 and feature ten songs carrying neo folkish ballads, ambient and indus sounds and strange theatrical-like e xperiences. Both "Le stanze del sole nero" and "Il volo insonne" covers are beautiful paintings of Massimo Romagnoli a very talented italian artist involved with Albireon's sound and poetry. Albireon are featured with the track "Danza del risveglio" on the cult 2CD compilation "Songs for Aliénor" released by Cynfeirdd beside Sol Invictus, Gae Bolg and the church of Fand, Camerata Mediolanense, In Gowan Ring and many others. Albireon's first concert took place the 29 October 2005 in Modena supporting Sonne Hagal on their fisrt gig in Italy and was warmly succesful. Albireon asked Fire+Ice's vocalist Ian Read to sing the english version of "Danza del risveglio" titled "Awakening Dance" and he kindly agreed recording this song in November 2005. Another great collaboration was established with the famous neofolk german act Sonne Hagal in January 2006. These collaborations will be released under the title of "Indaco ep" as a special limited edition MCD for Cynfeirdd in Spring 2006 together with two new songs,the new dreamy version of "Ala di falena" and a live track.."Indaco ep" was finally released by Cynfeirdd as limited special edition of 373 copies in September 2006. A cover version of Sonne Hagal's "Eismhad", called "Spighe", was released on a special split 10" withe Sonne Hagal on Final Muzik in Spring 2007. Many new projects are being finalized in these months, like a new album and some collaboartions with ukrainian artist Olegh Kolyada.


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