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Raúl Jaurena (born August 26, 1941 in Montevideo, Uruguay) is a bandoneon player, musical director at the Thalia Theater New York, arranger and composer. He is considered a representative of Tango Nuevo, but uses traditional tango templates and takes them as a starting point for his interpretations.
Raúl Jaurena learns early from his father to play the bandoneon. At the age of eight, he participates in a tango orchestra. At the age of 15 he starts to play in the Donato Raciatti Orchestra.
In the 60s and 70s Raúl Jaurena laid the foundation stone of his career as a member and arranger of various tango ensembles in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Venezuela. In 1988, he moves to New York, where he does not want to stay at all, but then it becomes a permanent residence and a source of inspiration for his music: "When I arrived, I was playing a chamber tango, totally square. Now I play an improvisational tango.
At the Montreal Jazz Festival, he performs with Astor Piazzolla, which proves to be a milestone in his career, but sees himself as his musical heirs. In 1990 he founded the ensemble New York Buenos Aires Connection.
In 1998, the collaboration begins with the German ensemble "Tango Five", consisting of the musicians Gregor Hübner (violin), Veit Hübner (double bass), Bernd Ruf (clarinet) and Karl Albrecht "Bobbi" Fischer (piano and viola). The ensemble moves in the musical border area of ​​classical, jazz and world music, whereby the sound of the interpretations is characterized by the integration of jazz, gipsy and klezmer elements. Several albums will be recorded together.
At the Thalia Theater in New York City he has been developing musicals such as "Todo Tango" (2001/2002), "La vida es Tango" (2003), "Tangomania" (2004) as musical director, arranger, composer and bandoneon player. , "Te Amo Tango" (2005), "Tango & Flamenco Fusion" (2006), "The Four Tango Seasons" (2007) and " Tango & Milonga" (2008).
As "Tango Five", Jaurena, Bobbi Fischer (piano), Gregor Hübner (violin) and Veit Hübner (double bass) have recorded three albums, including the production "Symphonic Tango Night" with the Stuttgart Philharmonic under the baton of Bernd Ruf.
Jaurena accompanies well-known tango singers such as Argentinean Roberto Goyeneche and Edmundo Rivero. He collaborated with pianist Cesar Zagnol and bandoneon player Astor Piazzolla and appeared in 1998 with cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Since the year 2000, Jaurena has worked with the quartet of clarinetist Giora Feidman and toured Europe with "From Klezmer to Piazzolla". With the Brazilian Ana Caram and the Cuban Paquito D'Rivera he recorded more records. Since 2007, Jaurena has been performing tango chamber music together with clarinettist Bernd Ruf in the "Jaurena Ruf Project".

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