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The Ilmekekki Quartet is a Finnish jazz band . The band was founded in January 2002 and its members are Antti Lötjönen (born 1980) - Bass; Olavi Louhivuori (b. 1981), drums; Tuomo Prättälä (born 1979), piano and Verneri Pohjola (born 1977), trumpet and melodic. The percussionist Jaska Lukkarinen has also played the band in the ranks. The band is stylistically approaching free jazz , and its songs alternate with the tuned and improvised episodes.
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The Ilmekekki Quartet won the Nordic Young Nordic Jazz Comets competition only half a year after its foundation in July 2002. TUM Records released the band's first album, March of the Alpha Males, released in 2003. The album includes songs composed by Pohjola, Prättälä and Louhivuori and three loan copies from Björk , Radiohead and Ornette Coleman . The album was nominated for Jazz-Emma. In 2004 Finland Festivals chose the Ilmliekki Quartet Young Artist of the Year and March of the Alpha Males won the Teosto Prize . The band won the annual concerts of Finnish critics organized by the Jazzrytmit magazine in 2003-2006, in the latter two years together with The Five Corners Quintet .
TUM Records released Ilmliekki Quartet's second album, Take It With Me, released in 2006. Also on this album are songs from Pohjola, Prättälä and Louhivuori, and also pieces of credit from Tom Waits , Red Hot Chili Peppers and Suzanne Vega . The album came to the top of the list of the best albums in 2007 in the UK's The Observer magazine.
In 2009, Ilmliekki Quartet released together with the singer Emma Salokoski Vi sålde våra hemman album with Swedish-language songs . The album features folk songs, poems composed by songs, and a song written by Salokoski and composed by Pohjola. The album was on the official album list in Finland for three weeks, at its best on the 12th place.
The Quartet is currently working on his third album.
In addition to Finland, Ilmiliekki Quartet has performed in Europe, the United States, including Lincoln Center in New York, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Morocco.

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