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Oskar Steinbeck, known by his stage name Panda Eyes (born May 28, 1996), is a Swiss composer, record producer and DJ from Zurich, Switzerland.

He started in 2014 bringing together elements of chiptune, dubstep and other genres of bass music to form his own brand of glitch-hop. Recording multiple singles, he gained recognition by releasing them on YouTube & Soundcloud.

In early 2015 he released the mash up "Superheroes" with German producer Virtual Riot (Disciple). Later that year he worked with Brighton-based producer Teminite on their collaboration "Highscore". The song was released in the same year by Panda Eyes and Teminite, surpassing 20 million on streams on YouTube alone. Ultimately he released a selection of his best recordings on iTunes and Spotify without a label in October 2015

In 2016, he gave his first interview to naming Nero, Rusko and Knife Party as triggers that switched him to Dubstep and the French-Duo Justice as his main inspiration to go for electronic music. Announcing the release of "Nostalgia 64" he said "’s the first tune when I’ve had an idea when I’m out with friends having a beer and I’ve actually recorded it down on my phone. It’s the first tune I’ve made from a memo. I felt stupid doing it but I thought ‘fuck it’ and sang it in my phone."

In 2017, he released a remix of the 2012 Seven Lions song "Days To Come" with approval from Skrillex founded OWSLA to release the tune for free and saying: "You know when you have these melodies in your head and you know you know it, and you know you once knew what the name of it was but you’ve forgotten it? Well I had that with this. I woke up from a dream and had it in my head. I was like shit! I know this! What is it? After 10 minutes of intensely interrogating my brain I remembered it was Seven Lions." In April he posted a video on Facebook, announcing that he was working on a new album

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