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Four Years of Hate (1996)
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Long Island, NY

1991 to 1995
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Hardcore band from Long Island (New York), USA

Neglect formed in the spring of 1991 by former Vice Grip members Brian "Zoid" , Bones & Torn. They recruited John (also of Mind Over Matter) on Drums. Derek Joined Neglect in Summer 1991, & one month later released a rehearsal demo. This included rehearsal versions of songs later recorded for the 91-92 demo like "MindGames", "Deluxe/Lost", and infamous songs like "Human Corpse Fuck". This gained them a fast following they soon recorded the 91-92 demo. This demo was raw, in your face demo showcased their mix of Hardcore & Metal which at the time was still very new, along with Brian's intense lyrics of hate & suicide put neglect immediately in a class all their own. Brain's words portrayed what makes this world fucked up, what makes you hate, his writing made the listener feel the pain! This demo, along with their intense, violent shows, along with Brian's powerful stage presence, from self inflicted bloodshed to knocking himself unconscious & splitting his head open onstage, Neglect was the band to see live. During this time Torn quit the band and kept as a 4 piece. French label Hardway Records was interested in releasing a 7" of Neglect. They recorded the now classics "L.S.S. ", "No Tomorrow", as well as a 3rd track "You Deserve to Live" at the infamous Don Fury Studios. During this time, Wreckage Records shown interest as well, so we decided to go with them and release the classic "Pull the Plug" 7". It had both "L.S.S." & "No Tomorrow", "You Deserve to Live" did not appear on the 7" (But was included as a bonus track on the CD version). The mix of Brian's Hate fueled lyrics, Derek' metal riffage, John's amazing drumwork, and Bones's distinct bass, made this one of the best selling releases on the label. This single gained Neglect a huge Following in the U.S. and a even bigger following overseas. They went back to don Fury Studio and recorded 16 songs for labels and We Bite Records came forward and offered us a CD & European Tour. They recorded the "End It" MCD for We Bite in early 1994 and was given great response world wide. We Bite was pushing Neglect and making Neglect a huge name in Europe. Powerful songs like "Dig It", "Neglect" & the anthem "Fuck Life" were making Neglect a top band in the Hardcore & Metal scenes. Nelgect's writing was getting more complex and heavy, as well as much more suicidal lyrical content, which gave us the parental advisory on the release and the missing lyrics to "Fuck Life". A headlining European tour was booked for winter 1994-95 and recorded the "Hang in There" 7"/MCD in November '94 for the tour. These songs progressed even more from the "End It!" CD with a more metal approach. A 1 month tour started in December & ended in January. They played Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Slovania, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands. 3 shows Bones took over on vocals for 3 shows due to Brain having pollups in his throat. They also recorded their 1st music video for the song "Good for Nothing" in Germany. This video has never been seen by anyone in the band. When they returned from Europe, they started writing music for the next CD. They had 2 finished new tracks "Die in Pain" & "Life is Shit", and music for 2 more, also a Japanese tour was being planned, as well as interest from much bigger labels, major & independent.

But unfortunalty all good things must die and Neglect played their last show Last Show: Feb. 19th Right Track In, Freeport, L.I.N.Y. 1995. Going on 10 since they last played together, Neglect is still talked about today as if they were still around. They gained praise from the likes of: Pete Steele, Phil Anselmo, Hatebreed, Bard "Faust" Eithun, Evan Seinfeld, as well as influenced countless bands, and from being covered live & overseas, not to mention the Neglect tattoos & scars from fans! Neglect the band who put the "Hate" in Hatecore! Reunited in 2005, Look for upcoming shows and new cd & re-releases coming.

Discography: Rehearsal Demo 1991 (self released)-Demo 91/92 (Self Released)-Pull the Plug 7"/MCD (Wreckage/Exit)-End It! LP/MCD (We Bite)-Hang in There 7"/MCD (We Bite)-91 Demo 7" (Motherbox)-S/T 7" (Puncrock)-Neglect/Hatebreed Split 7" (Stillborn)-The Pain Principle 7" (Stillborn)-En Public/Live in france 7" (Diabolik)-Live Cassette (self release)-Neglect/Cleanser split 7" (Exit)-4 Years of Hate 2CD/2LP-The Complete Don Fury Sessions CD (NGS)

Compilations: Over the Edge Vol. 2 CD (Endless Fight)-Minset Overhaul CD (Wreckage)-516 LIHC 2CD (NOTA)-Step on a Crack Vol. 2 (Go Kart)-We Bite 100 CD (We Bite)-Harder they Comeā€¦Harder they Fall CD (RPP/Inner Rage)-Fistful of Hardcore CD-Full of Life..Full of Live Cass. (RPP)-Lacerated Tolerance Vol. 3 Cass (Lacerated Tolerance).

European Tour 1994-95: Germany, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, Slovania, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, & Finland.

Music Video: Good for Nothing - Recorded in Germany 1995

Former & Current Bands/Projects:

Torn - Vice Grip, 10X Worse

Brian "Zoid" - Vice Grip, 10 X Worse, Terrorcide.

Derek Neglect - Toxic waste, Arkham 13, The Guilty Party, Psychomanthium, Misc., Cleanser, Decimation, Death Hammer.

Bones - Vice Grip

John - Toxic Waste, Mind Over Matter, Madball, Sheer Terror, Death Cycle.

Band Members;
Brian- Vocals,
Bones- bass,
Torn- Guitar,
Derek- Guitar,
John- Drums

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