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Paolo Meneguzzi (born December 6, 1976 as Pablo Meneguzzo) is a Swiss Italian singer. He is the son of Loredana Pacchiani and Gomez Meneguzzo.

In 1996, while the name Paolo Meneguzzi was still unknown in Italy, Paolo won the Viña del Mar International Song Festival held in Chile with the song "Aria, Ariò". The success of the song prompted the release of his debut album "Por Amor" on 27 March 1997. Paolo continued to build his career with the release of another album, self-titled, which contained the anticipated single, "Si enamorarse".

Paolo Meneguzzi's Italian debut occurred with his participation in the young artists section at the Sanremo Music Festival in 2001. His song "Ed io non ci sto più" earned him seventh place.

The same year, the album Un sogno nelle mani was released.

He released a new single in 2002, "In nome dell'amore". In 2003 he released the single "Vero falso", and the album Lei è that in October that year sold to gold (with 50.000 copies sold), and then to double platinum (200.000 copies sold).

In 2004, he released the single "Guardami Negli Occhi (Prego)", which reached fourth place with 127,346 ballots, and published the new edition of "Lei è", containing an additional song Baciami, the remix of Lei è and remix of Verofalso and obviously the song from Sanremo.

In June 2004, began the Lei è tour from Bellinzona (CH), its first one tour, that touched Italy and Switzerland imposing more success among young people than among small children.

In 2005, he again participates in the Festival di Sanremo with the passage Non capiva che l'amavo. In the same week the album Favola is released and after two weeks as a single, receives the "Platinum Disc" selling beyond 200,000 copies.

After having passed the summer of 2005 between Italy and Switzerland with the Favola tour, Paolo dedicated himself to the creation of a new album. After two years of silence announces the participation in the Festival di Sanremo and of the release (previewed for 9 March) of the album Musica.

He participated in the Festival di Sanremo 2007, with the song Musica, that classified as sixth place, having collected many consents and above all, the approval of Pippo Baudo, who defined it as "The Manifest of the Festival di Sanremo".

Musica is released March 9, 2007, Paolo's fourth Italian album, following the release of the namesake single that endures as the most sold in Italy.

On April 21, began the Musica Tour still in Switzerland, but this time departing from Biasca. On November 2, the gathering of fans Club with the artist took place in the studies of radioitalia with Cologno Monzese.

On the 26th of November 2007, it was announced that Paolo would be representing his home country Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia. He will compete with the pop ballad "Era stupendo". He took part in the second semifinal of the contest on Thursday 22 May 2008, competing against 18 other countries, all competing for one of 10 spots in the final on Saturday 24. However, he failed to qualify to the final.

Paolo participated in the Sanremo Music Festival 2008, performing the song "Grande" and placing sixth. The song was included in his fifth album, titled Corro via. Released on March 14, 2008, it also features the single "Era stupendo".

Paolo Meneguzzi is the founder of "Progettoamore" (Love_Project). Progettoamore is a charity founded in 2009, to support and help children and adolescents.

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