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Ruatokansan uamunkoetto (2008)
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Verjnuarmu is a metal band from Kuopio, Finland, formed in 2001. Probably the most noticeable thing distinguishing them from others is their use of Savonian dialect (a dialect spoken in eastern Finland) in their lyrics which is why they are often labelled as "Savo metal." Their lyrics take influence from the Dark Ages in Finland and tell about human misery, war and death. Their first demo came out in 2002 and since then they have released three demos, one single and two albums (+ promotional single). The full-length debut "Muanpiällinen Helevetti" was released in January 2006 under Mercury/Universal Music. The second full-length album "Ruatokansan uamunkoetto" was released in 14.05.2008. In 27.10.2010 they released their third full-lenght album called "Lohuton". Their newest album "Pimmeyvven Ruhtinas" was released 18.04.2012. If one wishes to translate the band's name into standard Finnish, it would be "Verinaarmu" which in English means "Bloodwound", or "Bloodscratch" to be precise. "Muanpiällinen helevetti" is in standard Finnish "maanpäällinen helvetti", and in English it would be "The hell on the Earth". "Ruatokansan uamunkoetto" is in standard Finnish "Raatokansan aamunkoitto" and in English it could be something like "The Dawn of the Dead People" although "Raato" is corpse so it can also be translated "The Dawn of the Corpse People". "Lohuton" means "Hopeless" and "Pimmeyvven Ruhtinas" (in standard Finnish "Pimeyden Ruhtinas") means "Prince of Darkness". Line-up: * Puijon Perkele- piähoelaus (main clean vocals) * Tervapiru - kitara (guitar) * Woema - säröpasso (distorted bass) * Musta Savo - sotarummut ja kuolonkorina (war drums & death vocals)

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