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Amigo(s) (Portuguese and Spanish for male friend) may refer to:


1 Businesses and products,
2 Film, television and theatre,
3 Music,
4 Other uses,
5 See also,

Businesses and products:
Amigo (restaurant), a Hong Kong restaurant,
Amigo Comics, a Spanish comic book publisher,
Amigo Energy, an American retail electricity provider,
Amigo Spiele, a German board and card game publisher,
Amigo Supermarkets, a chain of supermarkets in Puerto Rico,
Amigos Library Services, an American company,
Amigos/Kings Classic, a Nebraska-based fast food chain,
Isuzu Amigo, a compact SUV,
Amigo, a Ty Beanie Baby,
iGO amigo, a version of the navigation software platform iGO,

Film, television and theatre:
Amigo (film), a 2010 film by John Sayles,
Los Amigos, 1972-73 spaghetti western film by Paolo Cavarastarring Anthony Quinn and Franco Nero,
Amigo (1980 film), a film starring Andrés García,
The Amigos, a group of fictional penguins in the 2006 film Happy Feet,
Amigo (show), a Norwegian game show for kids,
"¡Amigos!", an episode of Arrested Development,
Amigos (play), a 2004 play by David Williamson,

Die Amigos, German music band,
Amigo (Arlo Guthrie album), 1976,
Amigo (David Ball album), 2001,
Amigos (Santana album), 1976,
Amigos (Paul Anka album), 1996,
Amigo, a 1990 album by Grupo Bronco,
Amigos, a 1989 album by Lindisfarne,
The Shinee World, 2008 album by South Korean boy band Shinee re-released as Amigo,
"Amigo", a 2001 song from the album Amigo (David Ball album),
"Amigo" (Black Slate song), a 1980 song by Black Slate,
"Amigo", a 1954 song by Olavi Virta,
"Amigo", a 1998 song by Quickspace,
"Amigo", a 1978 song by Roberto Blanco,
"Amigo" (Shinee song), 2008,
"Amigo", a 1978 Spanish song by Roberto Carlos,
"Amigo", a song by Toque Profundo from Sueños Y Pesadillas Del 3er Mundo,

Other uses:
Amigo, West Virginia, U.S., an unincorporated community,
Amigos de las Américas (AMIGOS), a non-profit organization,
Amigos School, a bilingual primary school in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.,
AmiGO, a web-based search tool for the Gene Ontology project,
Carlos Amigo Vallejo (born 1934), Spanish Roman Catholic archbishop emeritus of Seville

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