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A.C.K. began 1985 with the following members: Markus: voice, Klaus-Peter: guitar, Oli: bass, Martin: drums. In the beginning they played good old "German Street Punk", which was influenced from the English punk rock scene. With this line-up, they recorded two albums: A.C.K. - "First" and "Heile Welt". The lyrics were political statements against racism, the political system and social problems in Germany. 1990 the guitarist Klaus-Peter leaves the band and Ole took over the guitar part. With the new guitarist, the music of A.C.K. became more powerful and aggressive. In 1993 they recorded the long player "Mucha Policia ". This record became very famous in Germany and they sold about 3000 CD/LP over the following months. The live gigs now expand over Europe and A.C.K. played in Spain, Czech, Austria, Switzerland. After a bad accident singer Markus became nearly deaf on one side and lost his skill to hear the different frequenzies of the music. Especially on stage there was no chance, that he will ever do a satisfied performed concert. That leave him only one choice: to lay down his musical career and so he left the musical business. That was in 1999. A.C.K. tested a lot of different shouter, but none of the tested persons fits in the band. After six month shouter Mosti was found. Mosti was a refugee, born in Afghanistan and grown up in the Iran, where he also has to fled with his family. He lived since 1994 as an refugee in Germany. With the new singer Mosti in the band, A.C.K. was stepping a great deal forward in music and live acting. With their record "Widerstand", released in the whole European country, they knocked on the punk throne in Germany. Mostis aggressive voice joined with songs full of energy and power, were an irresistible mixture, which nearly no one could resist. So nowadays, A.C.K. is one of the hardest and fastest Bands in Germany, who haven't forgotten their roots, but have also the progressive musical elements in their songs. The music of A.C.K. can be best described as a good mixture of aggressive, but also melodic Core. The lyrics are still in german and gives you statements about politics, against racism and the way of life without any respect or compromises. The result of their successful work are 10.000 sold records over the last two years. A.C.K. has played their explosive Live Shows not only in Germany, but also in Spain, Czech, Russia, Switzerland and Austria. A.C.K. LINEUP SINCE 1999 MOSTI: Voice OLE: Guitar Martin: Drums Oli: Bass

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