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The Revenant story tells of a small village with minimal residents in a time where people believed in witches and demons. Within this village there are two families, one a father and two sons who steal, cheat and murder for a price. The other, a god loving family, a priest and his daughter who stop at nothing to spread the lords word.

One night the priest had to venture out to attend to the sick in the village, leaving his daughter behind to take care of the house. The two sons see the priest leave the house and on a drunken rampage they decide to pay the priests house a visit knowing full well his daughter is alone. They break in and commit disgusting, despicable, unimaginable sexual acts on the daughter and leave her for dead, laughing as they make their way home.

Upon the priests return, he discovers his daughter, bleeding and broken with only an ounce of life left in her body. Outraged with this and hurt beyond belief, he questions “why would such a thing happen? did we not serve you, our lord and savior enough? We gave you everything!!!!”. He noticed a small dagger on the floor, broken bladed with a ragged handle, he knew where this came from.

With vengeance in his heart and a loss of faith, the priest denied his lord and savior and looked towards the darker side for the revenge of his broken, frail, beautiful daughter. Just one day’s punishment would not suffice for such a diabolical act towards his family. The priest summons a curse that would last an eternity, leaving one solitary member, a male of the cursed family, history less and forever alone.

For future generations to come, when a boy is born and comes of age, having a son of his own and his son comes of age the curse takes effect and kills everyone who is attached to the infant boy child, leaving the infant to mature and have children of his own.

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