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There is more than one band using this name: 0) NiHiL formed in Pisa (Italy) during spring 2002. In May 2004 they released their first work "Demo 1", and continued to compose new songs until spring 2007 when the second work "1st May" was released. After a sudden split they changed the line up and recorded during summer 2008 "Empirical Heresy". The album was released in January 2009. They play a blend of alternative-, progressive-, post- & stoner rock. ( LINE UP Matteo Anguillesi - Vocals & Guitar DMN27 - Guitar & Artwork Nicola Donati - Bass Matteo d'Ignazi - Drums & Synth 1) Nihil is a french band from Bordeaux with very peculiar and produced albums. They have influences from bands like Tool and A Perfect Circle. Its members are : Yves Davo - Singer Pierre Tabel - Guitars & Chorus Yoann Roy - Bass Guitar Nicolas Monge - Piano, Hammond Organ, Fender Rhodes & Keyboards Jonathan Lamarque - Battery & Drums 2) Nihil was one-man black metal-electronic-experiment project from Belgrade, Serbia ran by Nemanja Maček. 4 albums, one EP and one split were released for Deadknife and Nothing Special records, all still available for free download from artist's new myspace page Nihil influences ranged from Ulver and NIN to Emperor and Ackercocke. Nihil was involved with many other bands and projects as performer, producer or songwriter. Currently, Nemanja is member of industrial band F32, jazz metal project Fretboard Dyslexia, death metal band Sickness and is releasing solo albums under given name. 3) Nihil was the name of a black metal band from Ireland. 4) Nihil is the name of a Metal / Thrash band from Mexicali, México. 5) Nihil is the name of death/grind band from Czech republic 6) Nihil is the name of a one-man black metal project from New Jersey. 7) Nihil is the name of a 2 piece band which hailed from Hamilton, New Zealand. 8) Nihil is the name of an industrial-metal band from Arizona consisting entirely of Scott Crowley, signed to Slipdisc Records in the late 90's. They released the album "Drown", produced by Neil Kernon, shortly before Slipdisc was dismantled by Mercury Records. They later self-released the album "Hollow" before disappearing. 9) Nihil is the name of a hungarian punk band. 10) NIHIL is also unknown band from Lithuania, Klaipeda. Plays Alternative Rock, Doom, and some other styles. 11)Nihil is a dark psychedelic project by John Drosos, born in 1983 in Stockholm, Sweden, but he currently lives in Thessaloniki, Greece, as of 2012. Since age 13, he enjoys metal and especially death metal music. In 2003 he started playing guitar in a brutal death metal band. Darkpsy trance is another kind of music that he likes a lot and in the summer of 2012 he decided to create this project, Nihil, to serve and express his biggest influences : darkness and fear. His debut EP "Nihiland" was officially released in 2013 through D-A-R-K Records.

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