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MADEMOISELLE YULIA (real name unknown), born August 10, 1987 in Tokyo, Japan, is a Japanese DJ, fashion designer, singer, and style icon who debuted in the electronic music scene in 2008 with the release of her first mix record, "NEON SPREAD". Her debut solo single as a singer, "GIMME GIMME", was released in 2011. Working her way up the Tokyo Electro DJ scene, YULIA soon became an icon in the industry. Her reputation as a vocalist also became apparent as she composes her own songs and sings during her act. YULIA is now featured in many well known tracks and has close relation with artists like TERIYAKI BOYZ, TOWA TEI and KRAZY BALDHEAD to name a few. In recent years, YULIA has now started designing and has her own jewelry brand called "GIZA." Aside from music, she writes a monthly editorial column on "NYLON JAPAN" fashion magazine and also does modeling for some fashion magazines. Moreover, while touring Japan and overseas, she continues to produce her own bi-monthly event, "YOICHI" at Le Baron de Paris. Her second CD mix, the "NEON SPREAD 2" continues to its popularity by hitting the record charts. In 2010, YULIA performed as a featured vocalist during the revival of Technopop band the "PLASTICS." There's no stopping MADEMOISELLE YULIA.

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