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Paddy Goes to Holyhead
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Paddy Goes To Holyhead (also PGTH or Paddies) are a German Folk-Rock band from Darmstadt (Germany) founded by Paddy Schmidt in 1988. The band's name not only is inspired by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, but also refers to the so-called "paddies", a term once used for Irish emigrants, as well as the Welsh seaport Holyhead which had been an important transit station for many Irish emigrants. Current members: Paddy Schmidt: vocals, guitar, harp, whistles, bagpipes Jo Naumann (1992-1995, and again since 2005): vocals, accordion, keyboards Uwe "Uhu" Bender (since 2005): bass Nicole Ansperger (since 2005): fiddle Dirk "Schimmel" Schäfer (since 2007, former X-CELLENT): percussion Former members: Rainer Opitz (1988-1991) Andreas Reich (1988-1991); 1992-2003 with An Cat Dubh Mathias Kohlmann (1989-1993) Kalle Spriestersbach (1993-2007); former Crazy 'bout Kinski Andi Kopp (1993-1998); former Crazy 'bout Kinski Almut Ritter (1993-1997) Blacky P. Schwarz (1995-1998) Helen Mannert (1997-2001) Jürgen Köhler (1998-2003) Markus Hochwürden Ries (1998-2001) Rüdiger Kist (1999-? , 2003-2005) Jens Kempgens (2001-2004) Wolfgang Ritter (2001-2004) Mark Patrick (2002-2004) Boris Mittelstädt (2004) Marian Juravlea (2004) Discography: 1989 -- The Fairy King (Tape, self-published) 1989 -- On The One Road (Tape, self-published) 1990 -- Emigrants (Vinyl-LP, self-published) 1991 -- Live In Darmstadt (Tape, self-published) 1992 -- Here's To The People (CD, Indigo) 1993 -- Supermegaultraliveshow (CD, Indigo) 1994 -- Ready For Paddy? (CD, Indigo) 1996 -- E.& O.E. (CD, Indigo) 1998 -- Hooray (CD, Indigo) 1998 -- Live (CD, Indigo) 2000 -- Paddy Tales (CD, Indigo) 2002 -- Red Letter Days (CD, Indigo) 2004 -- Acoustic Nights (CD, Indigo) Website (in German): MySpace:

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