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Dan Ove Michael Hylander, born June 21, 1954 in Malmo, a Swedish songwriter, singer and guitarist. He has collaborated among others with Py Bäckman and via the duo's joint backing band Raj Montana Band. The commercial breakthrough came in the early 1980s. In recent years he has made solo career with the newly formed backing band, except for occasional reunions of Raj Montana Band.

Hylander got 1984 Rockbjörnen as the year's best male artist. The year before Dan, Py Bäckman and Raj Montana Band was awarded as the best Swedish bands. Since 2007, Dan Hylander resident in Bolivia.

1960s and 1970s

Hylander debuted in 1962 as the elf in the Christmas Calendar Storskogens empty family. In the 1970s he formed the rock group Raj Montana Band which was to develop into his and Py Bäckman's common backing band. He starred in 1977 to the formation of the record company Amalthea.
1978 released their debut album Raj Montana Band, which was a huge critical success which also applied for the sequel Dying innocence. The latter included the songs "Autumn", now a classic in his repertoire, and Mikael Wiehe translation of Bob Dylan's "Percy's Song" - "My beloved stood before the court today."


The first big commercial success came with the album September 1981, containing songs like "Farewell to Catalonia" and "Solregn", the latter dedicated to the deceased American musician Lowell George. The following year he got his first gold record for the album Bella Notte, a live album containing mostly new songs. Including the title track and the single "In the memories." 1983 came the next gold record with Calypso, containing songs like "Postcard postcards", "21/3" and "Wild roses and thistles ''.

The next album ... about angels o jackals (1984), became his biggest success and the first platinum disc. "Shadows of Twilight" and "Black Coffee" was also big single hits. The same year, he toured and Py with Raj Montana Band before record audiences in public parks and ice rinks. As early as 1983, they had decided to split the band after the tour in 1984, which was also the case. With the completion of these tours was also, running singers, Anne-Lie Ryde And Tove Naess. The four closing concerts at Gota Lejon Stockholm Concert was recorded by Swedish Television and the double album Tele-Gram Long Goodbye.

Hylander also starred in 1985 on the ANC Gala against apartheid, together with the then Swedish rock elite and temporarily reunited Raj Montana Band. The following year he toured in Zambia and Zimbabwe, among others Peps Persson and Py Bäckman.
1986 he started his new backing band Cosmonaut and released the album King of Wednesday, which admittedly sold less than last studio album but still became a gold record. The single "Beloved Stranger" was also Sommartoppen. With the next album, Cafe Sorgenfri (1988), began Hylander an artistic innovation that resulted in rave reviews but reduced audience success. Despite a minor hit with the single track "Just a man" became his first album which did not sell gold since 1981. The same fate befell 1990 Happy moon, which, however, was in part a return to a more classic rock format. The song "Every time she walks past", however, has over the years become a big favorite in Hylander's live repertoire.


1991 was contracted Hylander by Sony which released the compilation album Deja vu. This included the three newly recorded tracks with Raj Montana Band, including Hylander translation of Bob Dylan's "My Back Pages" called "I was much older then (than ever again)."

In 1992, the big production The Emperor is naked, which was a major departure from his previous works. The album was considerably less rocking and showed influences from Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell and Keith Jarrett. It was also his worst selling album since his debut. Despite some reassessment in recent years to stand still, well over ambitious. "Mom, believe me" is still left in Hylander concert repertoire and has grown into a number that band performers are allowed to improvise freely.

1994 released the much more stripped Dan Hylander, who was returning to his traditional melodies and harmonies. It sold not good enough to convince Sony to renew his recording contract.
In the late 1990s went Hylander with great success to writing music for and producing other artists. Totta Naslund had started a solo project and Hylander produced and wrote songs on his first album Totta, and later several of the songs on Totta 2, 3 and Totta Totta 4 (duets). The latter contained duets with, among others, Marie Fredriksson, Sanne Salomonsen, Jenny Silver (Öhlund), Louise Hoffsten, Sharon Dyall and Kajsa dawned. All of these albums he produced himself.

1997 reunited Raj Montana Band temporarily. It became a tour and a compilation featuring several new songs.

Tomas Ledin album "Med vidöppna fönster", from the 2004, have songs written and produced by Dan Hylander and Tomas Ledin together. Furthermore, he has produced records for among others Billy Bremner from Rockpile and Sylvia Vrethammar. As a songwriter, his songs forward and / or recorded by artists like Thorsten Flinck, Totta Naslund, Kal P Dal, Sven-Ingvar, Tomas Ledin, Larz-Kristerz, Christina Lindberg, Niels Jensen and Sheeba.

1997 reunited Dan, Py, Anne-Lie, Tove and Raj Montana Band for a successful summer tour. At the same time released the EMI compilation album Hits containing six new songs. It reached sales list place 13th


2007, Hylander Sweden and moved to Riberalta in northeastern Bolivia. He, however, continued to reside in certain periods in Sweden.

In autumn 2009 put Dan Hylander together his first band in 20 years - band name: Orchestra - and toured extensively and successfully. On March 16, 2011 released album The retarded man as CDs and vinyl, and reached # 4 on the Swedish sales charts. This was his best strip location since "King of Wednesday" in 1986. The album was his first under his own name in 17 years.

In November 2011, supplemented by recordings of the live CD / DVD Förscenad who then released on the 21 March 2012.

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