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There are more than one artists named "Karnak" --1 Karnak is a Brazilian band, from Sao Paulo leaded by André Abujamra. It is known for mixing diverse music styles, not only Brazilian but from the whole world, with pop and rock. Many critics consider Karnak's music style being world music, label that they refuse, claiming that their "ethnic" sound results from their intuition, not from researches. --2 Karnak were one of the most impressive exponents of the florentine dark-wave scene, together with their friends Neon, Polyactive/Pankow and Litfiba. They printed officially only one 7'' ("when the doors are closed"), on the storical label Electric Eye, directed by Claudio Sorgi: obsessive rhytms adapt well to the liquid harmonies of guitar, and the hysteric and lamenting vocals are fantastically inserted into the general context, alongside strident pseudo-noise effects. Simply great. --3 Karnak was formed in Ciledug, Tangerang, Indonesia in 2009. The band name was taken from the ancient Egyptian Ipet-isut and the main place of worship of the eighteenth dynasty Theban Triad with the god Amun as its head. First implemented by Rizkia Al Ghifari and Rian Wibowo. After the election of the other troops, Karnak embark the voyage in Indonesia extreme metal scene. Influenced by early 1990's bands like Nile, Hate Eternal, Suffocation, Vile, and Immolation. At first, Karnak rely on two malignant tracks called "Fermentasi Jiwa Murni" and "Eksekusi Mati Tuhan". Their first stage in "High Voltage Fest #1" fill up with several local bands like Killharmonic and Opium. Karnak continues to construct oblique tones in order to increase their sharpness and sternness. After reconstruction in legion department, Karnak look more promising. Consisted of Rizkia Al Ghifari, Fiqih Chrisnaldi, Agung, Rian Wibowo, and Ichal Tofandi. Karnak devise for physical work and entered A Empat Music Studio to record its debut extended play in the middle of 2012. Finally, their first extended play called "Asimilasi Dasagatra" was released by Indonesia-based Brutal Infection Records in December 2012. "Asimilasi Dasagatra" combines traditional middle-eastern atmosphere and definite rapidity which contained 6 tracks wrapped with severe and torture vocals, appealing guitar riffs, menial bass tune, and tightly colossal drum beats. Karnak added one instrumental saurian music covered with heavy ambiance and more dark scenery. The lyrics theme inspired by Ghifar's interest on Moses theology and ancient Israel's tribe cultures, such as North Israel or Kingdom of Yehuda. Shortly notes are included with the songs, explaining the inspiration and source for the lyrics theme. Karnak always undertake to be the frontline of contemporary local extreme metal scene. Discography: Asimilasi Dasagatra (Extended Play) More Info:

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