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One-Eyed Doll's core members are guitarist and songwriter Kimberly Freeman and drummer Jason Rufuss Sewell: AKA "JUNIOR". Both Sewell and Freeman had moved from the Pacific Northwest to Austin, TX, USA in 2005, but they didn't meet until a year later in 2006 at an Austin club called, "Emo's" where Kimberly was playing a show under the old band moniker, "Ghetto Princess". Sewell was a music producer at the time and owned, "Nebulost Ranch", where he invited her to record. He and Freeman began working together in his studio on the debut album, "Hole", which was released under the band's new name, "One-Eyed Doll". Over the years, Sewell became an integral part of the band's unique sound and even played several instruments on the albums. Sewell joined as drummer, "Junior" in 2009. One-Eyed Doll claims four full-length commercially released albums, alongside Freeman's several solo releases, debuting in 2007 with "Hole". "Monster" was released in 2008, "Break" in 2010, and "Dirty" in 2012. The group recorded their fourth album at RadioStar Studios in Weed, California with acclaimed producer Sylvia Massy (Prince, Tool, Johnny Cash, System of a Down, etc.). Dirty was released July 15, 2012. One-Eyed Doll's fifth studio album, "Committed", also produced by Sylvia Massy, is set to release in Spring 2014. The group recently debuted a music video for the re-recorded title track.

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