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There are three groups with the name Ideal: 1) Ideal was a German Pop band from Berlin, active from 1980 to 1983. Ideal were part of the "neue deutsche welle" movement. The band consisted of Annette Humpe, Ernst Ulrich Deuker, Frank Jürgen Krüger and Hans-Joachim Behrendt. Well known songs are 'Blaue Augen', 'Berlin', 'Eiszeit' and 'Monotonie'. During their three years together, the band released three studio albums. A live album was released shortly after the group's split. Discography: - 1980 Ideal - 1981 Der Ernst des Lebens - 1982 Bi Nuu - 1983 Zugabe (live) Compilation albums: - 1992 Eitel Optimal - Das Beste - 2000 Monotonie - 2000 Eiszeit 2) R&B quartet from Houston, Texas. Possessing a sound similar to Dru Hill and Next, among Ideal's most popular songs are "Get Gone" (1999) and "Whatever" (2000), featuring Lil Mo and produced by Next's lead singer R.L. Huggar. The group's members are PZ, Swab, J-Dante, and Maverick. 2005: Ideal Has A New Record Deal and Album Called "From Now On" With Production By : Brian Michael-Cox, Rockwilder, Nisan Stewart, Mike City, Battle Cat; first single: "Makin' Time") (Neutral Ground/Universal, 2006) Maverick and J-Dante, members of the school choir, were singing outside one day when PZ and Swab joined in. The guys impressed and created their own group, quickly getting a chance to perform at their own school. The group's policy is made clearest on their hit record 'Get Gone' from their debut album. The protagonist of the song discovers his girlfriend is cheating on him and doesn't hesitate to tell her to leave. The group offers a nice claim for men during a time when groups like TLC and Destiny's Child attack men. According to member PZ, the name of the group was created as follows: We actually picked up a dictionary and said whatever page it falls on, we're gonna get our name off that we opened it up about halfway and it fell to the 'I' section. So we went down about four or five words, and we saw Ideal, and we read the definition, and it was a conception embodying perfection. And we liked that because although we're not perfect, we strive for perfection in everything that we do, especially our music, and we also added a second definition to ideal, which is 'the recipe to fulfill every woman's!'[1] Their self-titled debut album was released by Virgin Records on August 24, 1999. The album sold 615,000 units in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan[2], and was certified Gold by the RIAA[3]. Allmusic's Heather Phares called Ideal's initial effort a "heartfelt first album" which showcased the "group's smooth, sensuous vocal styling and romantic songwriting[4]. It was reported in 2004 that the group had wrapped up production on a new album, From Now On[2], but it has never been released. 3) Brazilian hardcore band from Aracajú, Sergipe. They released an EP called "Acabar com todas as cercas".

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