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4 users Sturm Café - Stiefelfabrik
4 users Sturm Café - Radiosüchtig
4 users Sturm Café - In meinem Griff
4 users Sturm Café - Mozart - Ideal
2 users Sturm Café - Die Zombiejäger

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old school ebm act from Gävle, Sweden which started off as a project heavily influenced by Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, but through the years have developed into their own unique sound, a mixture of neue deutsche welle, electropunk, and EBM. They are known for intelligent and unique melodies as well as humorous and at the same time advanced song-writing. The members are Gustav Jansson (live keys, songwriting) and Jonatan Löfstedt (singing, songwriting). Sturm Café has released two full-length albums: So Seelisch So Schön in 2005 and Europa! in March 2015. Inbetween this ten year period they have released several EP's and singles and participated on various compilations. Sturm Café were among the first bands to join the revival of old school EBM (otherwise often called anhalt EBM) and hence are considered veterans of the genre. Their history goes as far back as 2001, and from this starting point they produced a handful demo releases in mp3 format only. Their first official CD release was self-released EP "Radiosüchtig" (2003), which later also appeared in their debut album "So Seelisch, So Schön!" (2005, on Progress Productions) which brought great success. By this time the band was getting recognized as catchy and energy-filled EBM, which brought Sturm Café to audiences both in Scandinavia and Germany. Progress Productions released a shorter EP entitled "Tot EP" in 2008. By this time Sturm Café differentiated themselves strictly from the standard sounds that were frequent in the reviving of old school ebm scene. Instead of hard, masculine, and monotonic sounds, Sturm Café took the same concept and presented it in a more playful and melodic format, getting rid of monotonic and minimal approach by expanding their sounds with varying synths and professional vocal performances. This approach brought them to two tracks in 2009 that were initially self-released, but which later became big hits: Der Löwe and Scheissnormal. Following these releases Sturm Café disbanded for a short period, but reconnected in 2010 and announced that they were signing themselves on Sturm Café Records label (which later only released Sturm Café records). Sturm Café then released an EP "Koka Kola Freiheit" in 2010, and a collection of their old demos in 2011 entitled "Rarities". The band also appeared on an LP compilation on Sham Recordings in 2012, with a new track "Meistermann" and a remake of an old track "Voodoo Sex". Four years later in 2015 the band announced their new album Europa!, which they had been working on for a long time. This release included both entirely new songs, and rerecorded versions of a few previously unoficially released tracks. Sturm Café has otherwise collaborated with Container 90 on a track entitled "1/15". Gustav is additionally known for his own project Kommando XY and Working Puppets.

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