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1997 - Members of the bands Point of no Return and Newspeak join forces to start a straight ahead old style hardcore project, because their main bandas were becoming too metal/weirdo. Still sounding like a a mix between Chain of Strength and Manliftingbanner (or something like that), we play some shows and write a few songs. In the beginning we were called Reborn. 1998 - We get bored with the kind of music we were playing and become faster and harder, aiming to mix what we were doing with old scandinavian hardcore and bands like Heresy. Inspired by the movie Warriors, the name I Shot Cyrus is adopted. 1999- We record some songs for the compilation LP called Thrashmaster. It's also, Infect and Discarga's first releases. 2 bands that share a lot of history with us. It also featured Insanus, Newspeak and Test Ban Treaty, 3 good bands that broke up soon after. First drummer leaves. 2000 - The band is reestructured and becomes more serious. New drummer Pierre (from Insanus and Constrito) was fast as lightning and we become "the fastest hardcore band in the planet" (according to some reviews). 2001 - Guitar player Tarcisio is replaced by Choker (also ex Insanus - the one famous for riping his pants off onstage) and bassist Varuko is replaced by Tatiana (Infect/No Violence). We recorded the songs for our split EPs with Diaspora and Gmork (released in Germany) aand the 4 way Split "Drunk Fools vs. True Till Death", with Jäzzus, Merda and Evil Idols. 2002 - Pierre leaves and we dodn't know what to do for a while. When everything seems hopeless, Boka came along, saying his other band, Ratos de Porao, was taking a break and he missed playing drums. Nedless to say, he was immediately drafted. 2003 - We set 2 goals for the year: release our first full length and to tour Europe. With Boka on board it was pretty easy writing new material, and the sound becomes more diverse and ellaborate. In april, we had recorded our LP. We named it Tiranus, meaning Tyrant (in some sort of mock latin, because it sounds cooler, in a metal sort of way), because most of the songs dealed with different aspects of capitalist tyranny. Making it almost a concept album. Well, not really... Choker leaves the band when we were recording the album. Tiranus is released in Brazil on CD by Liberation and Läja records, and in the US on vinyl by 625Thrash Records. In August, we embark on our first European tour. Our South American brothers Discarga, Confronto and Nueva Etica (Argentina) do the same at the same time, it was quite an experience to have 4 So. American bands together in Europe. For the trip, our friend Robert, from xRefusex records in Poland put out a discography CD with all our of earlier material. The tour was a blast, specially considering we didn't have a full length out until a couple of months before. We played with amazing bands, such as Seein' Red, Vitamin X, Carreer Suicide and many many others. One of the others was Kriegstanz from Holland. Our dutch friend Richard, from UPS Records, asked us if we wanted to release a split 7"EP with them, with Boka releasing it in Brazil. 2004 - after a few months of writing, we go into the studio again to record our 4 songs for the Kreigstanz split. It took a little to come out, but it was worth waiting. 2005 - we've just recorded 10 new tracks for a split LP with Discarga, to come out on Boka's label Peculio again. If everything goes right, we'll be in Europe again in September/October, with Discarga. We also have plans to release an EP/MCD on xLiberationx/625 with 2 unreleased covers from the previous recording sessions, an unreleased song from the very early days and some new ones as well, the CD will also have videos and maybe other goodies in it, we'll see. I Shot Cyrus, march 2005 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After a hiatus of over a year (since our 2005 European tour), I Shot Cyrus is getting back together for a few gigs and new projects in the future. Thanks for the interest! I Shot Cyrus, january 2007

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