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Lowestoft, England

Street Punk



1981 to 1983

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A.B.H. formed in 1981 in Lowestoft, England. The first few years in the bands career they remained neutral on the issue of politics and race, although they did acquire a large following among young National Front members (as many apolitical Punk & Oi! bands in England did at the time). However, in 1983 they finally decided to openly display their political beleifs by recording a song which was to be featured on White Noise Records "This Is White Noise" EP along side the White Power bands: Skrewdriver, Brutal Attack, and The Diehards. It can be argued by some that A.B.H. wasn't necessarily "National Socialist" politically speaking, but it would be foolish to try to claim that they weren't White Nationalists. Partaking in a National Front EP alone is proof enough, let alone their song Nerves of Steel, which is clearly a British White Nationalist song. They released a few EPs and appeared on various Punk & Oi! compilation records during their duration. They broke-up shortly following the release of the "This Is White Noise" EP...A.B.H. were spawned in the Punk/Oi! scene of the early 80'S. A four piece band from Lowestoft, England consisting of Pete Chilvers (vocals), Tony Cullingford (drums), Nigel Boulton (bass) and Steve Curtis (guitars), their definitive sound can be heard on various vinyl/CD releases. It was against this background that A.B.H. came into being although the birth was protracted and the life was short. Started in early 1981 and called Stretcher Case. In the begining the band simply played easy covers of The Damned and Sex Pistols tracks relying on speed and energy to subtitute for ability and originality but even then we aspired to more. A fe cover versions were retained to simply fill out the repertoire while our own stuff ws in the making but were largely elbowed aside as soon as posible; it was easier to write your own material than to work out the notes of other people The short time they were together was long enough to establish them as a live act to be reckoned with, playing alongside acts such as Peter & The Test Tube Babies, Chelsea, The Exploited and The Lurkers to name but a few. The first demo was recorded on July 17th 1982 and consisted of '999', 'Country Boy Rocker', 'Wanna Riot' and 'Teenage Aggression'. A second recording was completed 6 months later and featured 'Concrete Jungle', 'Kids of the Nation', 'Pissed On Arrival' and the infamous 'Don't Mess With The S.A.S'

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