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1.Jeff Surak (aka Violet) is a veteran experimenter from Washington (USA). Since early 80s, he has explored the netherworld between free improvisation, ambient and dense and raw noise. Surak has also his own label "ZEROMOON RECORDS". / 2.The Y.O.U Songfacts reports that Violet is a British rock act fronted by Pixie Geldof, the daughter of Boomtown Rats singer and Live Aid founder, Bob Geldof. Their debut single, "Y.O.U" was posted on Luv Luv Luv Records Soundcloud on March 21, 2012. The label released it as a double A-side with "I Come Undone" on May 7, 2012. The band take their name from Hole's "Violet," which was the opening track on the Courtney Love-fronted band's 1994 album, Live Through This. 3.Violet were a 6 piece melodic post-hardcore band from Derby (UK). In 2010 the band released their debut album "Eleven, Eleven". In 2012 they released an EP called 'The Brightside' In 2014 they released an album called "The Love / The Lust" via Small Town Records 18th November 2014 Jordan Samuel (clean vocals) left the band. 20th November 2014 Violet disbanded. Jordan Samuel - Vocals Charlie Bass - Vocals Sam Bass - Guitar/Vocals Joe Middleton - Guitar Robbie George - Drums Liam Westnidge - Bass 1. J. Surak (aka Violet) is a veteran experimenter from Washington, DC. Since the early 1980s, he has explored the netherworld between improvisation and composition to create something between the two auditory realms of experimental music. Since his early recordings under the name -1348-, Surak established himself in the international hometaper underground network of the 1980s, releasing tapes on the his own Watergate Tapes imprint, along with such artists as Controlled Bleeding, F/i, and Kapotte Muziek; and collaborating with such icons as Zan Hoffman, Crawling with Tarts, and John Hudak. At the same time Surak performed with the notorious DC area industrial band New Carrollton. The 1990s found Surak living and performing in Russia. There he formed the group Sovmestnoye Predpriyatiye which created site specific works using found materials and sounds. At the turn of the millenium Surak created a new duo, V. which quickly blew out of the its initial framework of free improv into a unit that pushed the limits of composition, constantly reinventing itself with each recording and performance. After 11 albums in 2 years, the duo disbanded, leaving Surak to further continue explorations under his solo project called Violet. Found objects, microcassettes, damaged cds, prepared acoustic instruments, and old record players outfitted with foil are the tools of choice. Violet has collaborating with Alexei Borisov, Frans De Waard, Betrand Denzler, Michael Gendreau, Andrey Kiritchenko, Kotra, Francisco Lopez, Andreas Tilliander and many others. Since 2002 Violet has released numerous recordings in a variety of formats and has performed across the USA and Europe. 4. Violet is also a Swedish band formed by frontman Jonny Johansson. Got a record deal in 1999 to release Freaks on Heavy Metal. 5. Violet is also a band from Germany formed in 1996 who describe their style as "medieval crossover", combining medieval instruments with female vocals, drums, and synthesizers. Their website can be found at A year after releasing "The Book Of Eden", the successful soundtrack to Kai Meyer's best selling book "Das Buch von Eden", Violet now present their fourth studio album "Modern Life". Again, the six musicians have combined historic influences with innovative impulse. At the same time, "Modern Life" is a great deal more energetic than its predecessor: bagpipes, dulcimer and cembalo have learned to groove. VIOLET have become more eclectic. Rock-orientated dynamics ("Exult", Modern Life", "Home") meet catchy pop ("White", "Read My Lips"), while psychedelic leanings ("Oda a Francisco Solinas"), innovative arrangements ("Come Closer To The Fire", "Ponderoso Caballero"), melancholic vibes ("I Wonder Why") and the typical diversity of sound guarantees the variety and suspense fans have come to expect from the band. Most of the tracks are sung in English; two songs in Spanish carry on from the critically acclaimed album "Omnis Mundi". Since 1999, VIOLET are renowned in the German Gothic, Independent and Medieval scene and have recorded three albums; their medieval acoustic project VIOLETTA has brought them additional acclaim. Violet broadened their musical horizon by collaborating with other bands such as HOUSE OF USHER (for instance on "Radio Cornwall"), projects that helped to consolidate their characteristic sound. The band has played live in Germany and also in a number of other European countries and often shared a stage with renowned acts like L'Âme Immoretelle, Corvus Corax, Faun, Saltatio Mortis, Persephone and many others. They often enhance their live shows with oriental dance elements. For their live presentation of "The Book Of Eden", VIOLET also realised a elaborate stage show with the theatre company KixTheater, directed by theatre pedagogue Andrea Kixmöller with whom the band would like to work again in the near future. 6. Violet was a Dutch band who made the album 'Hide and Seek' in 2002, which was released on the Skipper Boetlek Label. 7. Violet is Baltimore-based drone/ambient musician Rachel Asher

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