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Om Du Vill (2009)
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Larz-KristerzLarz-Kristerz formed in spring 2001 in Älvdalen. Every year on Children's day go a parade of trucks with different themes through the village. Larz-Kristerz would be involved on a trolley as a fun tribute to all dansband during the 70-century. Six old classic songs repades in. Truck with driver requisitioned, old Hagström Loudspeaker and PA had a real overhaul, electricity and modern dansband clothes lent. The night before the whole thing would take place we gathered to print signs with "slogans" to our cause. On the morning of the big day we pynt basket with plates, lövruskor and a Mercedes bus from late 60's. In the bus, we also rökmaskin which in turn resulted in the village policeman slipped up to our horse on his bike and was wondering if it were burning. Karneval train started, and songs like "Näckrosen" and "The Sixth September" bounced between the house in the village. It was a success and we received the offer of playing the same afternoon, but 6 songs do not dance. It was just to start scratching and, of course, let sew up a time typical scene costume. Costumes sewn by Harriet sold and Margareta Langh. Now you ask, what are those Larz-Kristerz really? Yes, it is a mix of several Älvdalen Band. It is Trond Korsmoe - guitar and bass, Morgan Korsmoe - electric bass, from country / rock 'n roll trio Billy Opel Trio, Torbjörn Eriksson - keyboards and Mikael Eriksson - drums, from dansbandet Ramblers, and Stefan Nykvist - bass and accordion, from rock n 'roll band Biff tomato, among other things, and Peter Larsson - guitar, from the rockabilly band Big Crow Pete & the Big Creek Boys. Common to all members is a weakness for dansband from the 70's. First dance gig was 50 mil from home, at a wedding in Gothenburg. This in turn resulted in that we had a wedding gig in Gothenburg the summer after. Craving for a "Larz-Kristerz 'band has proved greater than we could imagine from the outset and it is really great. We have been playing on everything from nostalgic old outdoor dance tracks and rural farms to modern dance restaurants and Indoor skating rinks. People who come and dance works, in fact, have the same fun as we do. Stuff Greetings from Larz-Kristerz ...© 2009 Sony Music Entertainment Sweden Privacy & Cookies ...

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