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"We are Pet Conspiracy. We are from China, but we don't eat dogs." Lead Guitarist Huzi an established artist in the Beijing underground music scene first appeared as the front man for late 90's Beijing Alternative Folk Band X-Doctor. Releasing his first album--Dramatic Maquillage for the Night under Jingwen records in 1999. X-Doctor was retired when Huzi started to focus himself on electronica music. Since then, Huzi has released three albums on China's most infamous indie label Modern Sky Records, with his last full LP --Gemini Trip -- one of the best selling Chinese Electronica albums to date on Modern Sky. In working for his latest album, Huzi collaborated with Helen Feng the lead singer the popuar rock band Ziyo. Helen was also an established TV personality and popular radio show host. Her film credits include writing the theme song for many indie films in China, most recently lending her voice for the theme song of the Mummy 3. Inbetween recording, ZIYO's first EP on Warner Music, Helen knocked out a few early songs which later led to Pet Conspiracy. The duo later recruited eletronica producer Liman. Liman produced his first album in 2001, an ambient electronica album on Beijing's indie label ShanShui, later to turn his attention to dance music in 2003. His music attracted the attention of German label Stemmatics in 2007 signing him to produce his first Vinyl to be released in Germany. Together they took the studio sound to the stage. From their first high energy performance, Pet Conspiracy has kept a wildly strange following of art freaks and beat loving people. Later recruiting drummer EDO, and adding an array of toys and noise and costumes to their set, the Pet shows often feels like a tourist on acid at 1980's Chinese disco. And that is precisely what their going for.

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