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D.A.M. ("Destruction And Mayhem") was a thrash metal band from Lancashire, England. They were formed by ex-metal heart guitarist John Bury and his brother Phil in 1986, debuting with a 3-track demo entitled "Human Wreckage". The tape received good, solid reviews from the metal press - in-particular Metal Forces in the UK - taking its cue from "Ride the Lightning"-era Metallica and a classic NWOBHM sound. Stuart Capstick's vocals, especially on the lead track, were very reminiscent of Hetfield's earnest teen-growl of the time. Together with Maiden-esque twin guitar attacks and fist-pumping chorus' D.A.M. developed a strong local fan-base, good touring spots and attention from the rock press and metal labels. It was only with an overhauled line-up and Capstick's departure (the band swelling to a five-piece with the arrival of vocalist Jason McLoughlin and Andy Elliot on bass, as well as the timely addition of Elly (ex-Hard Line)) did the band introduce a tighter, faster and more creative - but no less thrashy - edge to the sound. McLoughlin's vocals contributed bite, a vicious sneer and a greater range than his predecessor. Where the former was a Hetfield wanabee Jason was forging a style much of his own, much to the benefit of his fellow band members. The news on the street was that, supported by a strong management team, the band had secured a deal with German label Noise Records... The debut album "Human Wreckage" was produced in Berlin with Noise's 'house' producer Harris Johns (Sodom, Tankard, Coroner) - the band's stint in the studio giving them the opportunity to be the first Western band to play Berlin after the fall of the Wall. In support of the record (having good experience touring with Toranaga, Acid Reign, Xentrix and Re-Animator) D.A.M. undertook some high-profile dates with the likes of Celtic Frost, Dark Angel, Nuclear Assault and Candlemass across the UK the following year. The Morecambe lads' set was captured for posterity on the "3 Way Thrash" video. In 1990 Elly left to pursue other projects and was replaced by Dave Pugh - who contributed to the band's follow-up outing "Inside Out". With the thrash scene dwindling and D.A.M. maturing as musicians the songs became more complex, longer and conceptually a little deeper. Focusing on tales of abuse (self, others and the consequences and effects thereof) D.A.M. assembled a strong - if not immediate - second record. Not necessarily disliked by the metal press, "Inside Out" was released at a time of flux for both the scene and the band, as well as the global state of metal. Acid Reign, Xentrix and Sabbat here in the UK were slowly starting to fall apart. The band parted ways with Noise Records and the subsequent loss of Dave Pugh to Skyclad, forced the band to consider their future. Whilst still working on his own project, guitarist and long-time friend of the band, Dave Harrison was called upon again - for it was he who wrote and played the lead guitar parts for the 'Human Wreckage' demo.

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