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Psirico is a band of noise-shoegaze-funk created in the state of Bahia, and also the nickname of the vocalist Márcio Victor. Psirico grew up listening a lot of noise rock and shoegaze, such as Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine. He once said that when he was young he made a plan of escape his parents house in order to see couple of their shows in the USA. "Those were hard times ... My family repressing me very strongly my musical taste, my friends and schoolmates aswell ... I still remember the bully I had at school." -- said Psirico, at his latest interview. -- "I can't count the number of times I cogitated suicide. I am very lucky to be where I am today". At the year of 1998, when he was studying Engineering at the UFBA, he met Francisco Cerqueira Rocha, the future drummer, and Roberto Caique Laerte, future guitarist of Psirico. They had a lot of common interest, such as musical and woman taste, so they begun to play some gigs at their garage. The origin of name "Psirico" came from his adiction to Pokemon, his favorite one was psyduck, and the nickname some collegues used to call him, "rico" (wich means rich, in portuguese), due to his way of life. So, linking those two things, his friends started to call him "Psirico", wich lasts until nowadays. The band Psirico was originaly created at the year of 2000, when his college friends and Psirico started to record musics in their garage, but only in 2002 they signed contract with a label. "I can't say enough about the importance of Francisco and Roberto at my work right now. Without them I wouldn't be able to send my music to the labels and, more important, continue my life" -- Psirico at his friends. Their most sucessful song is "Lepo Lepo" is about the young days of Márcio, his bohemian style, mixed his lack of money (the years when he left home seeking inpiration to his poetry) and the women. There's no doubt that the song was a big hit. Although the sucess of the band, they're not very appreciated in their home country. The good reviews on Pitchfork made the band travel to others countries, where their music is valued, such as Russia and Poland. Their last show, on Petersburg (2012), was a huge sucess. The entrances sold out in less than one hour.

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