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Je refuse (2001)
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Harry Diboula is a singer, songwriter and zouk. He was born October 12, 1962 in Paris. Author, composer, performer, he practiced for many years the piano, singing, arrangements and music programming. Revealed in 1991 with the hit Focus , it definitely takes place among the great artists of the Caribbean scene in 1993 with I miss you , which has sold nearly 70,000 copies. With six albums to his credit since 1987, he composed for the most beautiful voice: Jocelyne Labylle , Lea Galva , Jacques D'Arbaud , Jane Fostin , Edith Lefel , and also participates as an arranger, musician and director among others the latest installment of the unforgettable Edith Lefel. Rewarded not only by the public, it receives nearly thirty awards and nominations including several trophies SACEM, Maracas Golden Trophy Africar Music Award ... He just professional associate to be recognized by SACEM. Latest album: Tell me why . An album for which Harry is surrounded by the best as Frédéric Wurtz to completion, Stéphane Castry to Lower or Yann Négrit the guitar ... 12 tracks pure Diboula Harry, texts magnificent, haunting melodies, not to mention orchestrations classical orchestra with strings, oboe and other instruments so rare in zouk, Harry loves so much. Note the title of Manu Lima (Cape Verde famous arranger) Harry duet with Betty Fonfeca . A nod to the continent which Harry has always been very close. In line with this album, a Parisian show and live tour is international in 2005 (Europe, Africa, Caribbean, USA, Canada). Concerts and shows 1989 First Zenith in Paris with the group JM Harmony . 1996 Bercy very noticed in passing the largest Zouk world . 1996 First tour in Haiti 1998 French Cultural Center in Abidjan 1998 Stade Omar Bongo in Gabon 2000 USA Tour 2000 Guest of honor at the Francophonie Week in Granada June 2001 Live Concert Paris: presentation of the album I refuse . 2003 African tour Awards Appointment trophy Martinique SACEM 1988 in the category "Best Instrumental Music" for the title Come with me . Appointment trophy Martinique SACEM 1989 in the category "Best Composer". Appointment Maracas Gold Paris 1989. Guadeloupe 1991 trophy Newland. Micro gold 1991 in the category "best composition" for Focus . Appointment trophy Martinique SACEM 1992 in the category "Best Composer" for Focus . Radio Caribbean International Trophy (RCI) 1992: best composition "Focus." Appointment SACEM Awards 1993 "Success of the Year" with the title I miss you. " New 1993 Land Guadeloupe trophy. Africar Music Award trophy (African Caribbean) Abidjan Côte d'Ivoire 1994 "Album of the Year" for the album Business Class . SACEM Awards 1998 "Song of the Year" with the title "New World" Trophy by Charles Aznavour. SACEM Awards 1998 "Award centcinquantenaire" with the album New World . SACEM Awards 2002 nomination successful year for the title "I refuse" Audience Award Dynamitch gold 2001 album of the year ... Collaborations Tell me about it Jocelyne Labylle, I would like to keep Lea Galva, For an appointment Fostin Jane. Director of the Department of Afro Caribbean label "Creon music" label from 2002 to 2004 "Edith Lefel, Tanya St Val, Christiane Vallejo, etc... ". 2004 Launch of Music Label Starfame Product artist Véronique Néret semifinalist "Popstars The Duel" Discography Studio album 1989: Pou'w 1991: Escapade 1993: Business Class 1995: Medley 1998: Wrong or right 2001: I refuse 2004: Tell me why 2011: I'll be there for you Best Of 1994: Gold 1999: Best of Harry Diboula 2003: Harry Diboula: Best Of 2009: Between you and me ... 1987 to 2009 (2CD) From Wikipedia ™, this document is available under the terms of the GNU FDL at: The GNU FDL is available at: . html

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