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On The Might Of Princes formed on Long Island, New York in 1998, emerging from an heterogenous but cooperative community of independent bands and labels. First releasing material on Rok Lok (The Making of a Conversation) and Traffic Violation Where You Are and Where You Want to Be), they eventually signed to Revelation records and released what would be their third and final record, Sirens, in 2003.
After a follow-up tour of Europe, On The Might Of Princes disbanded in May 2004. After a two year split, they reunited in late 2006 to play three shows. Soon afterward, expanded re-releases of their first two albums were released on Rok Lok Records. In August 2008, they temporarily reunited once again for a few more shows. In 2012, Revelation Records announced that the group would reunite yet again for the label's 25th anniversary festival at Irving Plaza. A fourth reunion was planned for June 2013, but was cancelled for undisclosed reasons. Soon after, the band formally declared that there would be no more shows or new material and they had officially broken up.
Jason Rosenthal died in Austin, Texas of a heart attack on August 12, 2013. He was 35.

Band members:
Jason Rosenthal - Guitar, vocals, melodica,
Lou Fontana - Guitar, vocals,
Tom Orza - Bass, vocals,
Chris Enriquez - Drums, percussion, piano,

Former members:
Nicole Keiper- Drums on The Making of a Conversation and demo cassette,

Current projects:
Rosenthal went on to sing and play guitar in the now defunct band, The Brass. Vehicles, a project consisting of Rosenthal, Jon Ellis (The Brass), Rich Buckley and Rob "Wiz" Wisely (ex-Blakfish) was roughly recorded but shelved prior to his death in August 2013. Tom Tierney (Tidal Arms, Julie Christmas) is now working with the remaining members to finish the material.
He was also involved in a band called Oscenita with his girlfriend, Emily Ruf.
Enriquez went on to play drums in Gracer (Revelation Records), Criteria (Saddle Creek Records), Villa Vina, Ghost Robot Ninja Bear, Primitive Weapons (Prosthetic Records), No Way and The Judas Knife. In July 2013, Enriquez filled in on drums for Shai Hulud on their tour with Earth Crisis.
Orza went on to play bass in Villa Vina, Limbs and The Judas Knife.
Fontana went on to play sing and play guitar in God's Gift to Women. He played guitar in Small Arms Dealer (Deep Elm Records), Fellow Project and Go White Bronco (86'd Records). He also played bass in the now defunct band, With Every Idle Hour.

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