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1996 to Present...

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In 1996, D. Daly, Guadeloupe-born artist who grew up in Raizet, made his first steps in music. Indeed, the same year with his comrades (Darkman, Tysmé, then Edinyo Sherkan) D. Daly created the "Black Horde".

In 1998, "Mi sa ka bay" first true sequel in the group and the tube was 99 was released and is now among the pieces that have allowed the youth music of Guadeloupe develop. The design of the clip it will be a key meeting, the director Jean-Claude Flamand Barny ... To join the crew Karukera "and the" Black Horde "he decides, after several benefits in Guadeloupe and in France from in 1999, but unfortunately at that time the group disbanded and that's when he had the idea for his first solo album ... A few years later he returns home with a tidy, model, through of Staniski, he met David Drumeaux his current producer.

First album: I alé man
"I alé man," the first solo album by D. Daly was born in June 2004 ... Awarded the gold trophy in 2004, prices of holiday dance hall with "Tchembé new" price SACEM 2005 "Newcomer of the Year "The trophy phoenix tube 2006 with" Toujou opera, and the glory of the trophy in 2006 with "Twop", the impact it will make him the first parts of Crow, Sean Paul, Guadeloupe and Martinique but also getting on the prestigious stages of the Center for the Arts, Bercy in "Big Bad zouk, the Zenith in Paris with concert Karukera Sound System, and the Bataclan on the tour," Love tour " Patrick Saint-Eloi.

Nèg maroon, the movie
Five years after his meeting with Jean-Claude Flamand Barny, he decides to give him an audition and after three months of preparation, the role of Flint, one of the two main characters, his first feature film alongside of Admiral T: Nèg Maron, illustrating a certain category of Caribbean youth and produced by Mathieu Kassovitz.

Second album: Mistadal
Released July 7, 2007, the design of its new album itself takes several months of reflection and focus for writing his lyrics and then six months of intense work in the studio ... A lot more mature and eclectic than the first, both a musical standpoint, but also in the texts, it reflects more the personality and the artist's world, hence its name "MISTA LAD. Qualified conscious and not describing the reality, it is in music what he saw and sees daily. This self-titled album has a few good surprises, Feats and we can find authentic Daly sounds original and unusual ... The November 7, 2007, Daly ignites the scene bastille accompanied unexpected guests such as Goldee, Shaolin, Admiral T.

In the center of arts that D. Daly made his first solo concert January 16, 2008, with opening act and Dj Jairo Shaolin. The master of the house that evening was accompanied by big names in music such as Patrick Saint-Eloi, Admiral T, Missie GG (Fuckly), Jeff Joseph and V-ro and Benzen. Just landed in Paris, Stéphane Castry on bass, Michael on drums Desire, Yann Négrit on guitar and Didier Davidas keyboard were imbued with the atmosphere to give a coaching dream.

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