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In the 1990s, the trained Konstruktionsmechaniker Martin Hein decided to become a pop singer. He joined five years under the name Martin Marcell alone and moonlighted as a waiter. Then he learned about 1993 Fredi Malinowski aka Freddy March know who was working with the same management and the same producer on his solo project.

In performances, for which they had been involved both as a solo artist, she sang again and again together songs and were increasingly booked together. In summer 1997 they performed together in an artistic gala and published as Schlagerduo under the name Fantasy little searched later their debut single heart. Although they know with songs like Take him, Hallelujah and all have gained notoriety, was the big breakthrough and their first two albums My favorite present (2002) and all already know it (2006), both published by the label Radiola Records singer Denise, found little attention. It was only when they were engaged several times in the second half of the 2000s by Andrea Berg for the preliminary program of its tours, presented by the newfound awareness of the successful one. These took Bergs husband Uli Ferber their management and made for a label change. The albums land in sight (2009), the King of the Night (2010) were released by Ariola and could be placed in the German and Austrian charts and their best-of-album 10 years after their debut release they brought 2012 to the Top 20 the charts and brought them in both countries a gold records. They were also nominated at the 2013 Echo Awards for an award in the pop category.

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